19.01.2022 Update


  • Integration with Google Analytics, which is available on paid plans to automatically send events from the chat widget, pop-ups, and the 13Chats floating panel. Read the detailed description of this functionality.
  • Configuration of the chat widget on the client’s site. While using the script, the user will customize the color and position of the widget button on any website page. The connection method is similar to connecting the main widget script. Add the configuration widget script below the main code before the closing tag
  • The new script display condition for the “All desktop” browser allows you to exclude the scripts’ display in the mobile version of the website.


  • Branding display in the expanded chat widget. Previously, the branding overlapped the text when moving to the third line.
  • Adding scenarios without publishing. You can add as many scenarios as you like, but publish only the number not limited by the pricing plan.
  •  Saved answers behavior logic. Now the icon is always displayed in panel chats. Open the list of saved answers by clicking on the icon; there is also a button to add a quick reply. Not all users find it obvious to use a “/” (slash) to request a quick reply.
  • Text restrictions in all types of pop-ups in the preview panel and on the website. That will fix the following issues: 1. The pop-up form cuts off the text. 2. The scroll in the pop-up area disappears if a large number of social buttons are added
  • Unread messages notifications do not overlap the “Conversations” button in the panel.


  • Displaying an error when uploading a file with an inappropriate extension in the 13Chats panel
  • Display of controls and branding in vertical and horizontal video pop-ups
  • Translation of the current month of project statistics in the dashboard
  • No uploaded file in the live chat widget
  • Creating a script with the type “Message”
  •  Displaying the number of “Unique visitors” in the project statistics limits
  • Indents in the mobile version of the Topline pop-up so as not to limit the content on the website page


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