• registration and authorization through Google and Apple (carried out through the corresponding buttons on the registration and authorization page);
  • an option to unsubscribe from emails (except for the activation email, “forgot password” email, and other system ones). The unsubscribe link comes in almost all emails, except for the system ones;
  • confirmation modal window “Are you sure you want to finish editing? Unsaved changes will be lost” if the project is changed at the time of editing/creating a pop-up;
  • the addresses of the websites on which the project is installed are displayed on the dashboard;
  • if there are no projects when switching from the pricing plan scale of the 13chats.com website, we show a warning in the modal window “It looks like you have no projects yet. [Create project]”. If the client has one project, we automatically transfer it to the payment in the stripe. If there are several projects, we show a modal window with a choice of a project for which they want to subscribe;
  • now, when using active elements of a pop-up (for example, clicking on a button in a pop-up), this pop-up will no longer be displayed to this user. When you click on the cross or overlay, it closes for the time that is set in the settings;
  • when creating scripts/pop-ups, we display a warning about exceeding the limits for scripts/pop-ups directly when switching to a new script/pop-up.

Admin panel:

  • export of users to CSV file with filters by: registration locale, creation period, last visit, status, email, and name;
  • filtering of users in the list by their registration language.


  • when creating/editing “auto-replies” we use the default en locale.


  • when updating subscriber data from the JS SDK, the client’s avatar is not removed;
  • a picture is removed from the storage in a pop-up when it is deleted by the user;
  • when typing a message from an operator, the widget did not display a “typing”;
  • fixes and small changes in the styles of pop-up elements.