• Custom events — registration, logged in, made a purchase, paid for a purchase, and others — are displayed in the profile in the list of user actions. A detailed list and description of possible events will be added in the form of instructions to the site in the near future.
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN for Widgets: The install script URI now looks like src=”https://dt68y4bse663f. cloudfront. net/assets/loader.js“.
  • upload compressed user avatars to s3 via variables.
  • limit of messages in the live chat according to the pricing plan.
  • restriction on the withdrawal of online users on the Audience page according to your pricing plan.
  • validation of variables from the client’s site according to the description of the variable type.
  • Russian version of the privacy policy.
  • the ability to edit variables by operators. Now all fields in the subscriber’s profile can be changed except for their Id and Name.
  • setting a default avatar for new subscribers without an avatar via variables.
  • displaying the message history from an online chat and Facebook Messenger on the user’s page.
  • output of the contact form “We will contact you” with the ability to leave an email in the absence of an operator’s response within two minutes
  • limiting the number of chats with online users in accordance with your pricing plan on the dialog page.
  • filtering on the Audience page by subscriber type.


  • deleting avatars when deleting subscribers;
  • option to display the last message and user data for Facebook Messenger subscribers in the admin panel;
  • subscriber creation sync through variables while subscribing through Facebook;
  • subscriber creation sync through variables when sending a message;
  • duplicate subscribers, subject to different “new messages” on the dashboard;
  • sending extra statistics on script execution in some cases;
  • counter of unread messages from Facebook Messenger;
  • updating Facebook subscriber data, subject to initial initialization in the panel by writing a message or through variables, and then subscribing to a Facebook chatbot;
  • displaying the typing indicator for the operator only in the case of the live chat dialogue. When communicating in the messenger, there is no print animation;
  • one-time upload of an avatar from variables from a client;
  • enable web push notifications after getting access in the browser.

* We continue to work on payments, pricing plans, and the possibility of recurring payments. We plan to implement a monthly subscription in the next release.