29.12.2021 Update


  • Option to include quick replies directly in the dialog: whenever you enter more than three characters, an icon for adding a quick response comes up, by clicking on which a modal window appears with the settings for saving a quick reply. The text entered earlier in the text input field is automatically added to the saved reply template.


  • Display unread messages in the conversations section. If you have two or more projects with new messages, an indicator will appear in the project selection menu, which will display the number of unread messages for each of the projects. The total number of unread messages is also available on all other pages.


  • Display and process links in text input fields to avoid symbol and link conflicts.
  • Display, scroll and height of text in all types of pop-ups for desktop and mobile versions.
  • Display pictures of pop-ups in the mobile version.
  • Display of files sent to the online chat widget.
  • Search logic in the quick reply section.
  • Display and behavior of the Facebook chatbot connection block and hints during the connection process.
  • The appearance of the “Get started in messenger” button.
  • Display variables in the subscriber’s profile.
  • Process of working and displaying a permanent preview of a message in the online chat widget in the absence of active scripts or the option of permanent message preview is disabled.
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