28.09.2021 Update


  • A new type of pop-up “Video pop-up.” This pop-up plays YouTube videos in vertical format on both desktop and mobile versions. After adding a link to YouTube, the video cover will be displayed in the preview and on your website after creating a pop-up. Choose a window location that is convenient for you, activate one of the playback options: by clicking or automatic, set the type of action and your pop-up is done.
  • Playback options: 1. By clicking: after loading a webpage, a preview of the video will be displayed, by clicking on the pop-up area — the video will be played. 2. Automatic: the user needs to perform any action on your website, after which the pop-up video will be displayed and played.
  • New section in pop-up templates: Video Pop-ups. At the moment, we have created four new templates for video pop-ups (two for Russian and English localization) with two types of action: “No button” and “Call to action” to create a pop-up in one click.
    Twelve new templates for “Custom Form” (six for Russian and English localization). Create forms with fields from standard and custom project variables in one click.
  • An extended version of statistics displaying for a widget and pop-ups in a chart on a dashboard. Now charts can be switched by tabs to visually display the chart for each metric (views, subscriptions, leads, etc.).
  • A connection status has appeared in the webhook settings.
  • An option to cancel the action of selecting/creating a mailing list in SendPulse integration settings.
  • The data sent in the “Custom form” of pop-ups is now validated according to the variable type specified for this form field. A message will be displayed to the contact for each variable that has not passed validation when the form is submitted.
  • Links in script text are now clickable, just like in messages.

Admin panel:

  • An option to enable or disable the “branding” option for any pricing plan in all projects.


  • Only the project creator can edit the SendPulse integration settings in 13Chats. For the manager and operator roles, it’s only possible to view the connection status.
  • The operator role cannot edit, delete or add webhooks, only view the current ones. There are no restrictions for the manager role.
  • You can now add a link of any kind, not just https|http for the Viber share button in the pop-up.


  • The widget icon has become more visible on the white background of your website due to the new shape of the shadow.
  • When switching from the “Messenger button” action to the “Custom form” action the correct fields are displayed in the settings and preview.
  • Saving email and phone variables in the subscriber data from the “Custom form.”
  • Correct display of placeholders in the preview of the “Custom form” settings in the case when the client left them as default.
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