27.10.2021 Update


  • Contacts in the widget and team members in the panel now have access to uploading and downloading files. The subscriber can send the file to the operator and vice versa in the following formats: JGEG, PNG, TXT up to 5 MB in size. You can download any files: both your own and the interlocutor.
  • Six months and yearly pricing plans Standard, Pro, and Premium. The client can now save from 10 to 20% by purchasing a pricing plan for six months or a year in advance. When you select a plan, the plan’s total cost and the equivalent monthly payment are automatically calculated and displayed to display the benefits of a particular offer visually. The subscription will be recurring.
  • New flow logic for creating a project and editing project settings. We changed the interaction of the preview with the settings at each step of creation. The characteristics and behavior of any options (pop-up, chat widget, floating buttons) are dynamically displayed in the preview. Thus, we can turn on or off specific options and settings to test the behavior in the preview before saving it for display on the website. After saving, at any time, you can check the display of options in the preview, and this will not affect the saved settings on your website. At the second step of the project settings, when you move the cursor in the header and message text entry field in the widget, the preview automatically displays the expanded widget for comfortable navigation through the text.
  • The “current month” option for charts in the dashboard and on the scenario page is active by default and displays indicators from the purchase of the project pricing plan for paid plans and the date of the project created for the free plan, as before.
  • A new type of branding for floating buttons. It is displayed in the preview and on the website in expanded form.
  • Option to filter “not equal to” contacts to filter by tags on the audience page.
  • The floating button has become more visible on the website due to the added corner shadow and some other edits to the button styles.
  • Collapse animation for floating buttons.
  • Technical update: we moved to PHP8 in the API and did the necessary refactoring of some requests. Mobile app users need to install the new version due to requests’ changes.


  • Incorrect link transitions in “floating buttons” of messengers.
  • We set the URL to the title in the session for those pages that do not have a title.
  • An issue with the incorrect data sent to the Facebook bot when editing a project.
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