26.01.2021 Update


  • Tabs for “Visitors online” and “Website Contacts”: the first tab displays only users who are currently on the website. The second tab displays all users who visited the website and with whom messages were exchanged within the last month. Now all of the tabs in the Audience section provide an option to display or hide columns with variables in the user list, search by name/surname, and filter by subscriber type.
  • Pricing plan and payment system: cancelling your subscription is available as well as getting a refund for the last month of subscription or transitioning to another type of subscription. Recurring payments have been introduced. The pricing plan is saved in case of timely payment and is “paused” otherwise until the moment a successful payment is made for the next period (month at the moment).
  • An option to cancel a subscription directly from your account in one click (through the action menu next to the pricing plan). Refunds for the last paid period are not granted, but are possible upon request to the support team.
  • Viewing and saving a pdf file for each paid invoice directly from your account (through the action menu next to the invoice).
  • Messenger cards are now displayed in dialogs in the panel.
  • Widget caching on first display.

For managers and administrators:

  • An option to cancel your pricing plan from the admin panel.
  • An option to filter projects by the pricing plan.
  • An option to filter subscriptions by customer’s Stripe ID or internal pricing plan identifier.


  • Styles and display of calendars in flows.
  • When deleting a subscriber all of their data is deleted: sessions, messages, and files.
  • Count of the number of the widget views: only the display of the widget is counted when the page is first opened.
  • Opening a new session and closing an old one after midnight.
  • Count of the number of the dashboard projects.
  • Opening a session after creating a subscriber’s profile through client variables.
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