24.10.2020 Update


  • localized grid of¬†pricing plans with options in¬†Russian and English;
  • the ability to¬†choose a¬†pricing plan separately for each project. The number of¬†operators, scenarios, online users and unique site visitors, the storage time for the history of¬†messages and sessions of¬†online users depends on¬†the plan selected;

13Chats pricing plan

  • editing automatic replies; you can now add or¬†remove team members who use response templates;
  • filtering the list of¬†auto-replies by¬†keyword;
  • quick creation of¬†a¬†response template from the chat page. To¬†do¬†this, call the list of¬†templates using the “/” command and press “+” at¬†the top of¬†the list;
  • browser web push notifications to¬†react instantly to¬†requests from potential customers. You can choose to¬†receive notifications about new messages from the “My¬†Conversations” tab or¬†get notifications about all unanswered messages;
  • indicator of¬†typing in¬†real-time. Now operators and customers are aware that the message is¬†being typed;
  • an¬†option to¬†edit the first and last name of¬†the live chat user;
  • resending an¬†email with a¬†link to¬†reset your password if¬†you did not manage to¬†change the password using the previously sent link within 24¬†hours;
  • adding new online users to¬†the list of¬†possible chats on¬†the “Conversations” page. Make relevant offers to¬†online users to¬†increase your conversion rate;
  • updated the widget design based on¬†the users‚Äô requests;
  • new behavioral scenario “Time period.” With this scenario, you can specify the working or¬†non-working hours of¬†operators on¬†the site and display a¬†customized message in¬†the selected time period;
  • compression of¬†the optimized multifunctional widget. Now the size of¬†the compressed script is¬†148KB so¬†that you can run a¬†dialogue even with clients with “slow” Internet;
  • an¬†option to¬†edit and add emails in¬†all languages ‚Äč‚Äčfrom the admin panel;
  • display of¬†pricing plans and their options in¬†the admin panel.


  • validation messages for errors while creating or¬†modifying users;
  • the default language of¬†the panel, emails and messages, depending on¬†the language of¬†the browser during user registration. Now for users with a¬†Russian-language browser, the panel, and all messages, starting with the activation message, will be¬†displayed in¬†Russian;
  • an¬†empty field in¬†the list of¬†scripts and the “Delete” button if¬†no¬†script has been created;
  • duplicate counts of¬†unread messages in¬†some complex cases and other phantom errors in¬†chats.
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