23.11.2021 Update


  • Project placement limit in domain addresses according to the pricing plan option (Free plan: 1 domain, Standard: 3, Pro: 5, Premium: 10).
  • Analytics for social project buttons in a floating panel. We collect and display the data total for all buttons on the project dashboard chart. The following metrics are available for impressions. They are counted when the mouse cursor leaves the button panel which opens the panel. For engagement β€” by clicking on any social button or custom link.
  • A new condition for the “Browser” scenario: ‘All mobile.’ Now the client can create widget pop-ups or scripts that will be displayed on all mobile phones without being displayed in desktop versions.

Admin panel:

  • An option to add and remove domains for any client’s project on the projects page upon request or as needed.


  • The behavior of floating buttons in the project settings preview. When you add more than one button, the floating panel will automatically be displayed in an expanded form for easy preview.
  • The settings for the “operator status online” option can be saved with the default template text.
  • A mobile application use case that defines the versioning of mobile versions according to the need for more flexibility.
  • Added validation to the subscriber profile for variables for the “number” data type.
  • Added text tips for some project settings.


  • Validation of fields in the first and second steps of the project settings. For correct functioning, empty fields of active options cannot be passed to the next step.
  • Validation for a numeric variable in the subscriber profile.
  • Adding new custom links to an already created floating panel.
  • Incorrect display of the first message to the subscriber in the live chat widget.
  • Incorrect avatar on the chat page for some team members.
  • Validation of YouTube links in social buttons of the project panel.
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