23.06.2021 Update


  • an option to test the widget without waiting for the targeting conditions to occur and without popping out changes to website visitors for display. For this purpose, use the “Test Widget” option on the project settings page. There is also a new option of saving a script or pop-up without publishing. In this case, information about testing is displayed in the preview block of the widget after saving;
  • a new type of action for pop-ups, modal windows, and “Phone Request” overlay with validation of phone numbers in the form of collecting contacts;
  • virtual scrolling for the list of subscribers on the dialog page, which provides quick access to any contact without waiting for the list to load;
  • animation and re-display of the email or phone collection form in case some action failed to complete (for example, the data did not pass additional validation);
  • an additional button “Go to payment” for unpaid projects on the dashboard, the client goes to Stripe by clicking on the button;
  • an option to use a previously uploaded picture for all pop-ups within one project;
  • a “Persistent message bubble” option in the widget settings. This option corresponds to the current behavior of the wi. Therefore it is enabled for all old widgets with the option to disable it. If the option is disabled, toast notifications are displayed for 2 seconds and disappear, and an unread message notification appears on the button;
  • Google Analytics for Google Tag Manager.


  • order of projects displayed on the dashboard: now the projects with the most widget views are displayed first;
  • removed the “Source” condition in the list of conditions for displaying pop-ups. There used to be two identical conditions: “Source” and “Traffic source”;
  • globally optimized the list of online contacts: increased the work speed with the page and organized the constant loading of new data with a reduced load on the server. The logic of working with pages has changed for clients: now, on all subsequent pages after the first, the list will not “jump” and contacts will not “disappear” on the next pages, which makes it possible to work with the selected contacts. All data on the displayed subscribers are constantly updated. New online contacts are loaded on the first page;
  • dark theme for both the panel and the client-side: optimized and corrected various nuances.


  • statistics on pop-ups: now it is counted in projects on the dashboard the same way as for scripts;
  • an option to create a pop-up without targeting conditions;
  • a bug with the persistent menu from Facebook Messenger developers;
  • setting up push notifications for a mobile application;
  • editing the project settings “Widget display time” under certain conditions;
  • a counter of project views from Facebook: now, the number of views does not increase by two during creation.
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