21.07.2021 Update


  • An option to integrate a SendPulse account into 13Chats to work with SendPulse mailing lists. This is for any 13Chats project.
    In the new “Integrations” project tab, you can connect an existing SendPulse account by logging in through the authorization form. Next, create a new mailing list or use an existing one to export contacts from your 13Chats project with all of their variables, tags, and fields. You can export contacts at any time by clicking the “Start manual synchronization” button as the project owner or a team member. Only the project owner can connect the integration. Also, twice a day, your project mailing list is automatically synchronized.
  • A new pop-up type, with which, you can connect social networks by adding links to the necessary pages/bots (Start in Messenger/Telegram/WhatsApp/Instagram Direct/Snapchat/Viber/VK/custom link). You can add any number of social media buttons to one pop-up using presets.


  • In the audience contact list, we now display those who have sent messages during the last month and those who have an email or phone number, even if they have not sent messages or were contacted more than a month ago.
  • After selecting “Start Chat” from the audience’s contact list, a chat opens with the selected user instead of a general list of chats.
  • “Nothing found” is displayed if no contacts were found after filtering.
  • The logic of displaying a widget on mobile devices corresponds to the selected settings of the project and the scenario for displaying the widget in the desktop version.


  • Display of the number of online contacts in the list of online contacts (in the case of low numbers).
  • The problem with displaying the latest messages from Messenger for team members (not the project owner).
  • Displaying pop-up pictures on mobile devices in some cases.
  • A welcome email is sent 5 minutes after your registration.
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