• segmentation by “each” or “any” of the conditions in the form of contact filtering;
  • grouping of filters in the “Audience” tab;
  • filtering by the presence or absence of a contact tag;
  • autocomplete tags: when the tag input field is in focus, the system displays a list of existing tags, and when entering text, it filters the general list and shows only suitable ones;
  • validation of Cyrillic domains in the user’s link to the terms of use and rules for personal data processing;
  • a separate column in the contact list for a variable containing a phone number;
  • automatic splitting of messages that exceed 512 characters into several messages and delivering in the form of successive separate messages both in the widget and in the panel;
  • an option to save the variables and events of Facebook Messenger subscribers after a message is sent in-app or a client sends a script with variables and events;
  • an option to add an online chat widget via Google Tag Manager;
  • pagination and rate limitation for the contact list;
  • validation of the personal data processing form during creation and editing;
  • sending Facebook messages in web push notifications for the mobile application;
  • error messages when adding new users, sending invitations, and confirming team membership.


  • failures to send the contact form if messages exceeded 512 characters in length;
  • problems with displaying Russian translations in emails;
  • sending an email after filling out the contact form;
  • nuances of scrolling in the widget when displayed in the panel and on the website;
  • displaying avatars of team members in chats;
  • loading a new avatar when updating a contact from a widget or a panel;
  • optimization of the “Online Visitors” tab and the general contact list: when new online users appear, the list remains visually static, as well as when the data in the columns is updated;
  • optimized the download speed of the contact list.