19.08.2021 Update


  • A new type of pop-up, “Sticky Bar,” that can be attached at the top or bottom of a web page. Choose one of three themes, add a picture, and choose any possible pop-up actions: chat button, action request, messenger buttons, phone or email request.
  • Four new Sticky Bar templates (two for each language): to create a pop-up of this type in one click (with the default action “Messenger button”). This way, you can connect to all of the popular social networks: Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, VK, or custom link (custom link to a webpage or chatbot).
  • We use the “NEW” sticker to highlight the service’s new features that appeared in the latest release.
  • An option to create a project without a widget. Now you can create projects with the option of a disabled widget. This is convenient for clients who need pop-up functionality first. If you select the “Chat button” pop-up, a widget with a dialog box will appear when you click on it. NB: in the future, we plan to make chat pop-ups too, but it is not a top priority as of now. Changes due to the new feature:
    – Modal window at the start of a project creation;
    – Highlighted the main functionality in the first step, adding a description to it;
    – All standard project and widget settings were moved to the second step;
    – Added a pop-up display in the preview for a visual comparison of a project example display with a widget and with a pop-up;
    – Added text descriptions for each option (pop-ups, widget, and Messenger).
  • Some button styles have changed (free plan, pay for a plan from the project creation webpage, and others).
  • Request necessary for mobile applications: checking whether a social account has been registered (showSocialNetwork).
  • An option of transferring names and types of pop-up buttons from a template to a ready-made pop-up for cases with a set of social buttons (previously it was only possible to preset one button in a pop-up from a template).
  • Labeled projects with unpaid pricing plans on the dashboard and in the project settings.


  • The widget button on mobile resolutions is not displayed if the option “do not show the button” is selected.


  • Displaying text and images in the preview of the pop-up when creating and editing.
  • Counter for displaying the subscriber limit in the free pricing plan on the audience webpage.
  • Search in audience filtering with some complex combinations.
  • Online/offline status on the dialog webpage for some contacts who came from different browsers.
  • An option to change the subscription to another one, even if the number of views of the widget has been exceeded or the current pricing plan has not been paid.
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