15.09.2021 Update


  • A new type of pop-up action (modals) β€” Custom Form. Previously, the client could create pop-ups with “email” and “phone number” forms. This release made it possible to create a form with fields from your project variables (both standard and custom, created by the client). The data submitted by the user in this form is saved in customer fields and displays in the audience and subscriber profile. The maximum number of form fields is 10; there is also data validation by type of the variable.
  • Now customers can add webhooks with any endpoints on paid pricing plans. There can be two webhook configurations per project (each endpoint has different settings for sending hooks).
  • Pop-up statistics display (engagement, leads, and all other data) in a graph on the dashboard. The chart is aligned with the widget’s chart. There will be two separate structural elements in the first version, and the statistics will be in tabs for the next sprint. Now, it is possible to see statistics for pop-ups, widgets, and general statistics separately.
  • Smart banner for displays on Android (the iOS banner was rolled out in the previous release).
  • A new warning email: we send an email if the number of views of the widget/pop-ups is close to your monthly limit (at the moment, when you have 500 or fewer remaining views according to your pricing plan). The email is sent within 15 minutes from the moment of the described event. The text contains information about when your view limit will reset and what you can do to increase your limit. If the client takes no action and reaches their pricing plan’s limit, we will send a warning once per day β€” email code in the admin panel: userplan_limit_reached.
  • New statistics for project chart dashboards. Now, in the tooltip, clients see both information on widgets (chats) at every moment in the chart, and complete statistics: total quantity, quantity in pop-ups, quantity in chat widget for each metric (views, subscriptions, leads, etc.).
  • Added a header option so that the code of the panel pages (except for the widget and pop-ups) cannot be embedded in an iframe or displayed on third-party websites.
  • All subscribers and messages are deleted immediately after deleting your project. Previously, sessions were immediately deleted, and subscribers and messages were deleted within a month.
    The entire widget script was transferred from the Angular framework to Svelte. For customers β€” performance improvement and a significant decrease in size:
    Before: loader.js 27.7kb, total widget weight 265kb.
    Now: loader.js 3.8kb, total widget weight 153kb.
    This makes our widget one of the smallest chat and scripting widgets.


  • Updated the version of the framework and API libraries.
  • We bound and set up a visual monitoring system for stand servers and sales.


  • For all pop-ups types:
    1) Fonts, color, dimension. 2) Now all action form fields have a color palette in accordance with the color settings in the widget (now each input has its own color). 3) Links and closing crosses have been corrected.
  • All pop-up element displays have been brought to a general view and do not depend on the browser.
  • Form styles for integration with SendPulse.
  • Audience filtering form styles.


  • Display of subscriber notes in the subscriber profile.



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