• an option to customize smart widgets in the pop-up or modal format
    • pop-up is a floating block “glued” to the left or right in the browser window when scrolling. It doesn’t interfere with interacting with content;
    • modal is a block located in the center of the page. Content outside the box is dimmed and non-clickable. You need to close the modal window to interact with the content;
    • page overlay is a block that overlaps the entire page of the website. You need to close the overlay window to interact with the content.
    Find a more detailed description of our new functionality in the knowledge base.
  • clickable links in scripts and messages in the widget;
  • pagination for the list of contacts in the audience;
  • an option to indicate whether it is worth changing the already existing subscriber variables when sent by the client via a script;
  • an option to “reset” the number of views of the widget through the administrator panel if the customers exceed the pricing plan to pay for the next pricing plan.


  • the process of creating and editing scripts in the form of chat messages has been split into two steps:
    • content customization;
    • conditions setup of the script display.


  • switching between subscribers in chats;
  • nuances when displaying a contact list
  • displaying client events in sessions
  • visual duplication of newly appeared online users on the audience page;
  • widget window when inserting a huge message into a chat.