13.10.2021 Update


  • Messenger buttons in the widget. You can now create a project with a widget, pop-ups, link a FB bot, and connect any of ten messengers or social networks in the form of “floating buttons” on the project settings page. This way, you can significantly expand the list of possible communication channels with your clients. The order of buttons can be changed using drag & drop. They are an independent element, which means that you can add them with or without a widget. It is displayed with a convenient client-side preview animation. The buttons are available for the mobile and desktop versions of the website.
  • Analytics on the scripts and pop-ups page. It is available for all types of scenarios and pop-ups and displays the indicators of statistical metrics inherent to each of them. The following parameters can filter the graph: day, week, last 30 days, current month, all-time for a visual study of statistics for each indicator.
  • The “Edit Script” button has moved from the additional menu to the script preview for quick interaction. “Copy” and “Delete” remain in the drop-down menu.
  • “File export” option in pricing plans. The option of contacts export to CSV is now available for all paid plans and not available in a free one.
  • A new type of “Halloween” template with eight new templates with themed creatives that will impress you (four for each Russian and English localization) with four types of action: “Action request,” “Mail subscription,” “Messenger buttons,” “Chat button.” We plan to use this type for other themes.
  • New 13Chats branding display for video pop-ups.
  • A warning on the video pop-up editing page that on mobile devices, video pop-ups are always triggered by click, regardless of the selected settings. This solution will help customers save mobile traffic and not be intrusive.
  • Eight templates (four for Russian and English localization) in the “Popular” section quickly find the most popular templates.
  • New condition for string values of scripts and pop-ups “not equal”: now, along with “equal” and “contains,” you can check title or uri for a value it should not equal.
  • An option to disconnect the Facebook bot from the project when editing the settings. In this case, all Messenger subscribers of the project bot and the social action buttons of the “Messenger bot” pop-up will also be removed from the project.


  • The Overlay type and its templates now have no restrictions on text adding.
  • You can save standard text for the actions “Request a phone,” “Subscribe to email,” and it will be displayed on the client’s website.
  • We don’t show the email request form in the widget if the contact already has specified their email.


  • Incorrect saving and display of the subscriber’s profile picture.
  • Incorrect behavior of the mail sending form when a client doesn’t respond to a message.
  • Animation in the form of a phone request.
  • We added new types of pop-ups; that’s why the priority of showing the following types has been changed: overlay, modal window, chat widget, pop-up, long pop-up.
  • Minor bugs in the chat widget.
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