Attention: if you have chosen a pricing plan and haven’t paid for it, your widget will not be displayed until you pay or switch to a free plan.

Currently it is possible to get a monthly subscription which will renew automatically and will be cancelled in case of non-payment.

  • An option to change (both increase and decrease) the pricing plan any time after the project has been created. In this case, the subscription to the previous tariff plan will be canceled automatically. Team members cannot change or pay for the plan.
  • Display of pricing plans and the payment history (invoices) in the user’s account (“Payment history and orders”)
  • An option to pay for an unpaid pricing plan from the account (payment history and orders-> Select an unpaid subscription-> Click on the ellipsis-> Pay for the project)
  • Removing avatars of the user and his clients when uploading new ones
  • Display the message that the activation email has expired
  • Web push notifications for Facebook messages (when you click on the notification you can reply directly in the chat in the client’s profile)
  • Display events in the user profile in sessions with reference to the time of sending the event and data from the user for all types of events (description in the knowledge base is now in operation)
  • Image compression of subscribers sent by users

For managers and administrators:

  • An option to view subscriptions and payment history of all users


  • Adding custom events for any set of filled fields with data for an event limits on subscribers of in-up chats, messenger, widget views
  • Facebook and in-up messages are structurally indicated by different headings in the profile and chat
  • Problems for a “premium” plan with a large number of online users
  • Client based audience filter: Facebook and live chat
  • Users are displayed in chats according to their pricing plan
  • Translations into Russian for different panel elements (buttons, validation messages)
  • User avatars compression and resizing during the upload