10.03.2021 Update


  • sound notification of the client and team members about an incoming message and after authorization if there are unread messages. Audio messages are not displayed after the second message in a row and in some cases in order to be functional, but not annoying. More details about the logic of work can be found in the knowledge base;
  • toast notifications for messages that were sent while a team member was away from the panel. Sent upon the authorization;
  • setup of widget communication form: now clients can customise the time after which the form will be displayed, its text and disable the form if it is not needed;
  • сreation of custom variables for the entire project for any type of subscribers from the contact list page;
  • a complex filtering form: you can create a variety of conditions with the help of users’ variables, pages they visited, time spent on the page, number and time of sending messages and many other criteria using “starts with”, “ends with”, “contains”, “after” , “before” and other conditions. Also now you can combine them using the “and/or” type of grouping conditions


  • during the signup through Facebook, granting of rights to the application is not needed;
  • the format of the output of the visit time for the list of online users;
  • in messages with Facebook files the file name is displayed instead of the link;
  • the contact form in the widget isn’t displayed if the user has already subscribed to the messenger.


  • complete refactoring of the chat page: various issues have been fixed, both the initial loading time and the loading of new messages and users appearing on the site have been accelerated. Removed visual short-term duplication of new messages. Also the functionality of “open / close” dialog by a team member has been fixed;
  • push notifications for team members: previously push notifications were sent to everyone, even if the operator/manager preferred to receive notifications in push notifications only about chats they were participating in;
  • toasts: various issues with message length, styles, time output and others;
  • pagination with filters: previously the filtering form was reset when navigating through the pages;
  • subscribe button for custom and strict mode in Facebook and Opera: not displayed before;
  • pictures for cards from Facebook: in some cases they were broken.
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