09.12.2021 Update


  • A checkbox for confirming the deletion of the project, which will avoid accidental deletions of the project without the option of recovery.
  • A new widget form for sending emails or a phone number in a live chat if the operator hasn’t answered: now the user can choose what contact data to leave. Email addresses and/or phone numbers will be saved in the subscriber’s profile on the “Audience” tab.
  • New Christmas templates with twelve new thematic templates (six each for Russian and English localization) and four types of action: “custom form”, “messengers buttons”, “action request” and “phone request.”
  • Caching widgets with expiration in a day on the frontend (instead of permanently saving to Local Storage) and on the backend due to a sharp increase in the number of requests.
  • Additional processing of non-standard client situations in case of switching to another pricing plan.
  • Additional check in the UI for the project pages to see whether the user belongs to the project team.


  • Bulk marketing emails sending time: Users now receive emails in the evening instead of at night.


  • The behavior of the file upload icon from the side of the panel.

  • Limitation on the number of symbols on a button for all types of pop-ups.
  • Displaying text prompts on the project creation page.
  • The behavior of the text block of the “Connect Facebook Messenger bot” option if a Facebook profile is connected.
  • Side menu functioning when creating and editing a project.
  • Unread message notifications in the live chat widget.
  • Application of the verification algorithm for the right to view or edit for several new use cases.


  • Transferring the Messenger to the general chatbot service.
  • Implementation of new combined chains for Messenger and in-app with multiple triggers of different types.
  • Chatbot on the website.
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