09.11.2021 Update


  • An option to display team members in the widget depending on whether their status is online or offline. To do this, we have added a new option in the project settings — “Show operator status online.” You can use a template or add a unique notification text for different cases in the panel: when one of the operators is online and when everyone is offline. 
  • The editing option is available for all team members. If this option is enabled, as soon as the widget is displayed to the contact in an open state, a block with operators will appear — avatars, numbers, and the notification text are visible. The block is dynamic. 
  • If the contact starts interacting with the widget, the first available operator will automatically connect. You can manually switch “the one who is running the chat” from the panel, or the chat is automatically switched to the operator who is typing the message from the panel. In any case, the contact will receive a notification that “Operator George has joined to the chat.”
  • A new type of “Black Friday” template with twelve new themed templates (six for Russian and English localization respectively) and four types of action: “Custom form,” “Messenger button,” “Call to action,” “Phone request.”
  • Vertical video pop-ups and two new templates with action types: “Without a button,” “Call to action” to create a pop-up with vertical video in one click. The functionality is similar to the horizontal format. Changes were also made to branding for video pop-ups for correct display on the client’s website.
  • An option to collapse and expand video pop-up in the settings preview. The user can see the pop-ups in action in the panel without activating them on the website.
  • A new section with a dropdown menu for “Holiday” templates. There, we put together a collection for various marketing activities and thematic occasions. Templates are automatically sorted from the most relevant to the least (added earlier) in the general list of subsections.


  • Added a use case for mobile apps to determine versioning — whether the current version of the mobile application is outdated due to non-backward compatible release changes.


  • Boolean variable type “Bool.” This type is found in the audience section, subscriber profile, as well as in the pop-up with the “Custom form” action type. In the custom form, instead of the input field for the values ​​”True” or “False”, we have implemented a drop-down menu with the answer options “Yes” or “No.” The variable is supported by types of templates as: modal window, overlay, pop-up, long pop-up. Case: to send data, users can confirm their age.
  • Hid the “Upgrade the pricing plan” button in the panel (dashboard page) for the Pro pricing plan.
  • Updated the widget’s design as part of the addition of the option “Operator online.”
  • Added an option to create multiple buttons with a unique link in floating buttons. At the same time, we retained the limit of ten buttons.
  • Branding name in all pop-ups from 13chats to 13Chats for correct positioning of the company name.


  • Updated to the sixth version of the Facebook API.
  • We completely removed the version of the widget on the angular and left only the working version on Svelte.
  • Now we delete attachments of contacts or operators when deleting contacts or messages after the expiration of the pricing plan storage period.


  • Corrected work of validation for the “Custom form” action type.
  • For some rare cases — the integration of the account with SendPulse.
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