9.11.2020 Update


  • Initialization of¬†your clients in¬†the system using the following configuration presets: Id, Name, Nickname, Company, Location (Country¬†/ City¬†/ Address), Email, Phone number, User ID, Avatar (URL), Registration Date, Birthday, Last Order Date, Last Order Name, Last Order ID, Last Order Sum. Detailed instructions are posted in¬†the last (integration) step of¬†creating a¬†project or¬†in¬†the project settings.
  • option to¬†create new users without being tied to¬†chats. For the subscriber to¬†appear in¬†the panel, it¬†is¬†enough to¬†send theirs¬†Id in¬†the preset. Now any team member will be¬†able to¬†attract online customers with a¬†hot offer or¬†promotion.
  • option to¬†reply to¬†Facebook Messenger from the admin panel. You no¬†longer need to¬†switch to¬†Messenger, correspond with the client, and come back to¬†13Chats¬†‚ÄĒ the messenger, along with the live chat, is¬†integrated into Dialogues. Also, the output of¬†the last unread message and the total count of¬†unread messages from all channels has been implemented.
  • option to¬†choose a¬†channel for sending a¬†message, if¬†the user can text both the messenger and online chat. By¬†default, the message will be¬†sent to¬†the live chat, if¬†the user is¬†online or¬†to¬†the messenger otherwise.
  • Improved version of¬†web push notifications: now the settings can be¬†changed at¬†any time¬†‚ÄĒ and they will be¬†applied to¬†all projects.
  • Ukrainian locale for the widget and a¬†script that works by¬†locale in¬†the browser “ua.”
  • new custom scripts: Traffic Type, UTM Source, UTM Campaign, UTM Term.
  • checking the number of¬†auto-replies for the team. With the free plan, 20¬†templates are available, with a¬†the basic plan¬†‚ÄĒ 50, with the rest of¬†the plans¬†‚ÄĒ 100 saved templates are available.
  • Translation of¬†automatically assigned first and last names for users who messaged online chat without being logged in¬†to¬†Facebook. For example, “Cinderella” for the English version and “Zolushka” for the Russian version of¬†the panel.


  • problems with web push notifications;
  • problems with the number of¬†messages and the display of¬†the most relevant message on¬†the dashboard and chat page;
  • icons in¬†session data;
  • validation of¬†messenger variables;
  • filtering by¬†date in¬†the admin panel;
  • registration of¬†users with browser languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are not included in¬†our list of¬†locales.

* Until the next release in Messenger chats, only text messages will be displayed correctly in the panel. The media and thread buttons will appear after the next update.

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