08.06.2021 Update


  • an option to create pop-ups using a set of 26 templates. When choosing a template, all data concerning the appearance of the pop-up are filled in automatically. Click “Save” and go to the screen to display the scenario settings. You can select conditions or click “Save and Publish” immediately to show the pop-up to all website visitors without exception, regardless of their behavior or actions;
  • a pop-up with “Subscribe to mail”Β  action for collecting email addresses;
  • an option to upload and use custom pictures for pop-ups in JPG, PNG, GIF up to 1 MB;
  • automatic generation of the name when creating a pop-up. You can change it immediately or later during editing;
  • limited rich-text pop-up text editor with easy formatting, adding links and emoji;
  • an option to close the pop-up for a specific contact forever by clicking on any of the pop-up action buttons (“Close modal”, “Open URL”) or until a certain point specified in the widget settings when closing the pop-up with the “x” button;
  • an option to choose the display style of all pop-up elements: white, black, or colored. The color scheme will also change depending on the chosen color scheme in the project; an option to remove a picture from a pop-up;
  • export of all contacts with project data and variables in CSV format by clicking the corresponding button on the “Audience” page;
  • an option to change or buy a subscription separately for each project on the dashboard. Also, the dashboard of each project displays the number of unique visitors and the pricing plan limit; limiting the pop-up text to 3000 characters;
  • an option to combine the conditions “and” and “or” in the form of contacts filtering; option to register and authorize via Apple ID in the mobile application, as well as an option to disable push notifications and some other changes in the logic of notifications, made at the request of the mobile application developer.


  • nuances with displaying elements of some types of pop-ups in the panel and on the website;
  • pagination for the “Online” audience when using a filter;
  • branding for pop-ups in the Premium pricing plan.


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