06.04.2021 Update


  • an option to add a custom link to a widget with a customized subscription to the terms of use and the rules for processing personal data (not added by default);
  • an option to add, edit, and remove tags in any type of contact profile;
  • an option to display tags for contacts who have them on the contact list page;
  • validation of variables of all types both on the profile page and in your Audience tab;
  • an option to email the latest messages, if the user provided their contact details, left the website, but the operator replied to their message;
  • tracking the “registration” event (regular and via Facebook) in Google Analytics;
  • an option to invite a user to the team who hasn’t yet registered in the panel. Now you can invite a new team member who is not yet in the 13Chats panel. In this case, an invitation email will be sent to them, and after their registration you will be notified about their registration and will be able to add them to the team;
  • add, edit, delete, and display variables and tags on the chat page in the subscriber’s mini-profile;
  • push notifications for the mobile version: registering mobile devices, saving device settings, sending a push when sending a message from the widget;
  • A/B test for the “Powered By” link (different text and script for analytics);
  • translations for placeholders and filtering forms;
  • editing contact variables directly on the contact list page without going to the profile (in the columns of the contact list);
  • expanded functionality of the communication form: now you can add delay values ​​in seconds and show the form immediately when the widget is displayed;
  • clickability for all links in dialogs and scripts in the widget and panel.


  • now only the owner of the project can change the pricing plan;
  • system notifications are always displayed on the top right, notifications about new messages from contacts are displayed underneath;
  • Widget: The privacy policy link is now displayed at the bottom and the new message bubble does not appear if the widget is already open.


  • added sorting of projects on the dashboard;
  • redirect to chats from toast notifications with messages from Facebook subscribers;
  • issues with loading contacts on the audience page;
  • in some cases auto generated names were not properly translated as the words that were not in the dictionary remained in English. Now both words of the contact name are always localized;
  • nuances with the button for creating auto replies;
  • the name of the project in the toast notification.
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