04.08.2021 Update


  • Push notifications via OneSignal. Now clients will receive browser push notifications even if there is no panel open in the browser. Important: those customers who have already set up push notifications will need to re-subscribe (in the same way as they subscribed before Account Settings — Notifications).
  • Twelve new pop-up templates (six for Russian localization and six for the English one). Now pop-ups, modals, and overlays with a subscription form via email and a “call me back” form, as well as a pop-up with social networks buttons can be created in “one click.”
  • SendPulse contacts sync every ten minutes: if new contacts have been added to the mailing list within the past ten minutes, they will be exported to SendPulse. You can also export contacts manually at any time, as before.
  • Two types of social media buttons for pop-ups: YouTube and Twitter.
  • Placeholders with links to relevant social networks for all social buttons.
  • Drag & drop for adding buttons to pop-ups — since the number of buttons that can be sequentially added into one pop-up has reached eleven.
  • The “Involved” metric working for pop-ups of any type (an action is considered to be an interaction with functional elements of a pop-up, such as buttons and forms).
  • New and unique “Leads” metric for pop-ups. An action is considered to be sending mail or a phone number in pop-ups (overlays, modals) that contain the form “Email Request” or “Phone Request.”
  • An option to “Disconnect” from the SendPulse integration: now you can both connect your SendPulse account to a specific 13Chats account and disable it (for example, to connect to another account).
  • An option to add and edit the email address for contacts in the contact list and in the Online audience.


  • The column “phone number” will now be permanently displayed in the contact list (it was dynamic previously).
  • If the widget has been installed, but there are no contacts yet, we show the “Nothing found” message instead of “Check installation.”
  • The contact list displays contacts who did not send a message and do not have an email address but subscribed through Messenger.


  • Pop-ups display with buttons when creating and editing them.
  • Removal of social buttons when creating/editing.
  • Chats list display on screens with small resolution.
  • Minor styling changes for the menu and widget on mobile.
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