03.09.2021 Update


  • An option to add Integromat webhooks.

    You can configure sending data for the following actions:

    • creating a contact when sending a message for the first time or from client variables;
    • editing a contact, its variables and events, provided that the contact has one of the communication channels: email, phone, or Facebook account;
    • Facebook Messenger subscription.
  • A new type of the main pop-up action: without a button. When this CTA is selected, the active action button is hidden, and the statistics only show the number of widget viewers.
    An option to choose a smaller paragraph for pop-up text: “Small paragraph” is two points smaller than “Paragraph.”
  • A new option in the pop-up body editor that changes the font size. With the help of “Font size” you can choose from five size options: 13, 15, 22, 26, and 30.
  • Four new pop-up templates: cookie request and long pop-up (for Russian and English, respectively). It will be convenient for clients to use the pop-up for cookie requests since we process and save the choices of each contact.
  • Copying scripts and pop-ups with one click on the “Copy” button on an existing pop-up or script.
  • Description of the “Branding” pricing plan option in the pricing schedule, as well as the possibility of customizing this option. Now you can turn off branding on demand in any pricing plan.
  • An option to choose any main action for a long pop-up: subscribing to emails, requesting a phone number, subscribing to a messenger, etc.
  • Smart banner on iOS for mobile versions.


  • We transferred postgres databases to AWS and started monitoring servers in Nagios.


  • An error occurred when sending an email with project statistics.
  • An option to change your pricing plan even if the limits have been exceeded.
  • Creation of a new subscriber in case of storage period expiration (in the pricing plan) of the contact, which was saved in the browser of the corresponding contact.
  • Made UI edits on the subscriber’s profile page: avatar, variable fields, and contact data.
  • Facebook avatars of followers in the dropdown list are now picked up from the cache, instead of Facebook.
  • Issues with picture substitution in pop-ups.
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