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personalize offers, keep visitors on your website, and turn them into leads

Automate your interactions with website visitors

Personalized messages appear:

  • After the target action — moving the cursor towards closing the tab or scrolling through the page;
  • As a result of the visitors’ behavior — for example, if they visited your website within a given period of time or from a specific browser.
  • Choose one of 22 scenarios or combine them with each other to engage as many prospects as possible in your chat.
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Create unique messages for each user

Run different scenarios for smart widgets and calls to action depending on the purpose of the page.

Keep in mind which questions or issues visitors may have on different pages of the site, and ensure a flawless user experience.

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Keep visitors on your website

Offer guides on how to use your service or get expert advice to answer users’ questions and close objections to using your service.

The fewer visitors travel to other websites to resolve their issues, the more your business will earn.

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Collect leads faster and more efficiently

Offer gifts, discounts or useful information in exchange for a phone number, email, or Facebook chatbot subscription.

This way you will continue communicating with the user in order to introduce the brand and your products, sell and get feedback.

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Analyze and improve results

Increase the conversion rate of the widget and improve communication with prospects by comparing the results of different events and CTAs.

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Get more leads and sales with smart widgets

Smart widgets are triggered by an event rather than generated randomly, so users receive them well. Create a widget and track the growth of website conversions. It’s free.

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