Pricing plans

When paying:


Free plan

For startups, family and local business


No credit card needed!

  • 5 operators
  • 10 000 website visitors
  • 5 website messages (behavior-based scenarios)
  • 10 000 chatbot messages
  • 10 live users
  • 1 month of chat history
  • 13Chats branding
  • 1 website domain


$11.7 /month

For agencies, service websites, niche online stores


To be paid $70 $78

  • 13 operators
  • 50 000 website visitors
  • 10 website messages (behavior-based scenarios)
  • 20 000 chatbot messages
  • 25 live users
  • 3 months of chat history
  • 13Chats branding
  • Webhooks
  • Export contacts to CSV
  • 3 website domains
Best Deal


$29.7 /month

For support teams and big online stores


To be paid $178 $198

  • 20 operators
  • 200 000 website visitors
  • 25 website messages (behavior-based scenarios)
  • 50 000 chatbot messages
  • 50 live users
  • 6 months of chat history
  • 13Chats branding
  • Webhooks
  • Export contacts to CSV
  • 5 website domains


from  $83.7 /month

For industry leaders with a heavy website and team workload


To be paid $502 $558

  • 20 * operators
  • 500 000 * website visitors
  • Unlimited number of website messages
  • Unlimited chatbot messages
  • Unlimited number of live users
  • 9 * months of chat history
  • No 13Chats branding
  • Webhooks
  • Export contacts to CSV
  • 10 website domains
* Need more functionality than our plans offer? Send us a request

Need a custom plan?

Contact us in the live chat or reach our support team through email or Messenger to get the necessary range of services.

Answers to FAQs

How are unique visitors counted?

A unique visitor is a visitor whose activity was recorded — visiting a website, completing an event, sending a message. It also shows a specific set of characteristics such as cookies, the browser, or operating system used by the visitor.

The system will record a unique visitor if they were active on the website of the selected project within your billing period, and it will not count their next visits. This means that if a person opens a website five times in the Google Chrome browser from the same laptop and interacts with an online chat widget or a pop-up in one of the sessions, the system will count them as one unique visitor.

For the same visitor to be counted twice, they must:

  • delete cookies;
  • open the website from another device or browser;
  • reinstall the operating system.

For example, if a person first opens a website from a computer and then from mobile, the system will record two unique visitors.

What happens after exceeding the limits?

Suppose limits on unique visitors have been reached for a project (showing an online chat widget or pop-ups). In that case, team members cannot respond to requests from the panel or a mobile application, and the widget and/or pop-ups for website visitors are no longer displayed.

Select and pay for the optimal pricing plan from your account to resume work and expand the limits.

If the limits on the number of team members have been reached, the administrator and manager can’t add new employees to the project.

If the limits on the number of scenarios have been reached, team members cannot add new scripts and pop-ups.

Limits on the number of messages in the Messenger only apply to incoming requests from users. There is no quota for responses in the chatbot. Once the limits have been reached, team members cannot reply to customers on Facebook Messenger until a pricing plan with the appropriate limits has been paid.

The online user quota is installed automatically: the "Visitors online" tab displays the number of online users available for the selected pricing plan.

An online user is a user who is currently on the website. With a free plan, you can track up to ten online users so that you can be the first to contact them via an online chat and close the sale quickly. With paid pricing plans, you can start a proactive chat with 25, 50, or unlimited online users, depending on the pricing plan.

In addition, the project team members can respond to incoming requests as usual.

Except for "Premium” plans, the widget displays the label "Free Chat from 13Chats" on all pricing plans.

How to pay for 13Chats?

Choose the right pricing plan for your project and pay by card in your personal account via Stripe or set up a monthly payment — through the list of cards accepted by the payment system.

If a pricing plan is selected but not paid, or the recurring payment has not passed, the website won’t display the online chat widget. Pay or change the selected pricing plan to a free one to resume the work of 13Chats.

Only the account administrator can change the pricing plan or pay for the project within the account.

You can cancel your subscription any time, pay for a different pricing plan, or return to a free one. To get a refund for the remaining days on your plan, contact our customer support.

Can I pay for 6 months or one year of access to 13Chats?

Yes, you can purchase a six-month subscription to any paid plan (Standard, Pro, or Premium) with a 10% discount or an annual subscription with a 20% discount.

Go to the pricing plans page, select the preferred pricing plan and payment period, and log into your account or register with the service to make the payment.

The subscription will be recurring.

What should I do if I have several websites?

If the websites are located on different domains, you can connect them to one account by creating a separate project for each website. Each project functions separately: it has its settings, pricing plan, team members.

If the websites are located on the same domain, you can create one project and place the same script on all your websites. In this case, the project settings, pricing plan, and team members will be standard for all your websites.