Working with Several Websites

If you want to connect 13Chats to several websites, creating multiple accounts isn’t necessary.

You can:

  • create a separate project for each website (domain, subdomain) on the same 13Chats account and switch between the projects in two clicks.
  • create one project for all websites (domains, subdomains) and place the same widget script on all websites.

Read on to see the difference between these approaches and when to apply each of them.

“1 website — 1 project” approach

Create different projects to set individual settings for each website and to differentiate the access of team members.

A project is one website with its own settings and restrictions. The project operates in isolation from other projects, even within the same account.

Each project has:

  • Individual pricing plan: for example, you can run one website at a large free plan, and pay access to the Pro pricing plan for another. Pricing plan restrictions apply at the project level, not at the account level.
  • Your project settings: for each website (project), you yourself customize the appearance and behavior of widgets, add pop-ups and create a chatbot.
  • Individual team members and chats: for example, operators in Project 1 do not have access to dialogs in Project 2, even if both projects are created under the same account.
  • Separate statistics and audience: you will be able to analyze user activity on a specific site, track statistics of interactions with 13Chats tools, and check information about each chatbot subscriber.

We recommend trying this approach if your websites are on different domains (for example, and and need to have their own settings, statistics, and team members.

Open the list of projects on the dashboard to create second and subsequent projects, in the dropdown menu select “Create a project.

Project creation and settings are described in detail in this article.

“Multiple websites — 1 project” approach

If the websites are on the same domain on subdomains ( and, you can create one project and place the same script on all sites.

Important: this option is only available on paid pricing plans (Standard and higher) since a large free plan is limited to 1 domain within the project.

As part of a large free plan, you can install the same script for different subfolders on the same domain ( and, but you can’t add several sites to the project on different domains ( and or subdomains ( and

In this case, the project settings, team members, pricing plan, and plan limits will be common for all websites.

The mechanics are relevant for multilingual websites: for example, you can create different scripts for pop-ups and engaging messages in the widget in different languages ​​and display them on the website (subdomain) that corresponds to the language version. At the same time, the unique views statistics of the widget will be common for all domains on the dashboard, but you can also analyze the engagement for each individual pop-up.

Open the project settings to install the same 13Chats widget script on different websites…

… and copy the installation code on the “Install Code” tab.

Read this article to find detailed information on obtaining and installing the widget code on the website.

Updated: 02.02.2022

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