Terms and Definitions

This section will define the main concepts we use in the service to make it easier to get started with 13Chats.

What is an account and a project, what is the difference between them?

An account is your member profile in 13Chats. You can access it by entering a unique combination of email and password or authorizing through Facebook, Apple ID, or Google Account.

In your account settings, you can:

  • see your unique user ID and registration date in the service;
  • upload or change an avatar;
  • change the username and language of the panel;
  • change password;
  • set and change notification settings;
  • view and cancel subscriptions to pricing plans.

All of these settings apply at the account level.

You can create an unlimited number of projects within your account.

A project is a workspace with unique settings and restrictions. Each project functions independently from others within the same account.

Each project has:

  • unique tool settings: the appearance and behavior of live chat, pop-ups, chatbot flows, and a floating panel with messenger buttons;
  • your pricing plan: restrictions (limits) of services are applied at the project level and not at the account level;
  • individual statistics for the whole project, as well as for each widget, pop-up, chatbot flows;
  • your own audience and conversations;
  • your team members.

You can easily switch between different projects within the same account: this is relevant for working with multiple websites.

What is a website widget?

A widget is a module embedded on a website and performs one function. For example, a live chat widget is used to communicate with users. A panel with messenger buttons helps redirect traffic from the website to messengers so that communication can continue even after users have closed the tab.

To add any 13Chats widget to your site, you only need to install the code (script) on your website once. In the future, you can change the appearance and behavior in the panel without programming skills.

What is a pop-up, and what types of pop-up templates are available in the service?

Pop-up, also a smart form, is a pop-up window displayed on top of the main content during a page visit.

In 13Chats, pop-ups do not appear randomly but according to a trigger condition: depending on the target action or user behavior. A trigger can be a visit to a specific URL or a specified number of pages within one session, a UTM tag, a date period, etc. In total, over 20 pop-up launch conditions are available in the service, which can be combined for maximum personalization.

To make it easier to implement the new tool, 13Chats provides ready-made pop-up templates in several formats, from engaging video pop-ups to custom lead forms.

What is live chat?

Live chat is a communication tool through which your website visitors can contact support in real-time, and a manager can make a personal offer to an online user at the most opportune moment.

The live chat widget is usually placed at the bottom of the website in a collapsed or expanded form. It is activated by click or by script, depending on the actions or behavior of the user.

In 13Chats, you can set the live chat appearance and customize the text and script for sending an automatic welcome message.

Additional features:

Follow the instructions to install the live chat widget on your website for free.

What is a chatbot, and how do you create a chatbot on the 13Chats platform?

A chatbot is a communication tool that runs a dialogue with subscribers inside the messenger according to a predetermined scenario, using text, pictures, files, cards, user data entry fields, delays, buttons, and quick replies. With 13Chats, you can create a Facebook Chatbot using a simple drag&drop builder with no coding skills.

Unlike complex self-learning chatbots with artificial intelligence, flow chatbots work according to a scenario: you think over the logic of the dialogue, prepare the content, and then distribute it along thematic chains. 

After subscribing to the chatbot, the user receives a welcome message and navigates through the scenario using pre-programmed buttons. The operator can join the chat to solve the complex requests, the answers to which are not set in the chatbot.

To create your first chatbot:

What is a widget script?

A script is a rule for activating a live chat or pop-up widget on a website triggered by user actions or behavior. The widget is triggered when the user performs a given target action, which is an activation condition: visits a page with a given title or URL on specific dates, spends a certain time on it, scrolls more than 50%, or starts moving the cursor to close the tab.

You can set the widget activation according to one of the 20+ conditions or combine the conditions to make the most personalized offer to the target segment of site visitors.

A properly set up script increases engagement and conversion to the target action. Read more about how to add a widget script in our knowledge base.


Updated: 02.02.2022

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