Team Members

You can invite your team to work on a project together. You will share the same workplace and have access to incoming conversations, created website eventschatbot scenarios, and broadcasts, within one project.

How to Add a New Teammate

Navigate to the Team page.

Click +Invite member.

Enter their email and choose a role.

An operator can сreate campaigns, website events, configure chatbots, view statistics, and has chat management permissions to send messages to users and assign tags and variables.

A manager can do everything that an operator can, view operators’ performance statistics, and has team management rights: invite new operators and managers or delete them, change rights.

Click Send invite. Your newly invited member should confirm the invitation to your project via email, then they have the rights to actions with your project according to their role.

How to Manage Teammates

Click on the button opposite a team member. Here, you can change their role or remove a team member from your project.

If you want to make sure a conversation gets answered by the right person from your team, you can assign a conversation to them.

Navigate to the conversations, choose dialog, click Assignee, and choose the person.

Updated: 19.02.2021