Integration with SendPulse Marketing Automation Service

Bundle SendPulse and 13Chats together to fuel up your communication strategy.

13Chats is useful to:

  • start engaging communication at the most appropriate moment using visitors’ action or behavior-based scripts;
  • have a live dialogue via live chat on your website;
  • capture more leads with pop-ups;
  • analyze the behavior of online users;
  • provide 24/7 support and chatbot sales.

Set up the integration so that personal data collected using 13Chats tools is automatically transferred to your SendPulse mailing list. Then, you can continue your communication with website visitors through email, phone, and SMS.

How to Set up the Integration

If you are not registered with SendPulse, please register at and return to the integration. If you already have a personal account, follow the steps described below.

In your 13Chats account, select the project for which you want to set up the integration and go to the settings.

In the “Integrations” tab, click “Connect”.

In the pop-up authorization window, enter your SendPulse login credentials.

Check whether your data is correct and click Login.

If the authorization was successful, the integration status will change to “Connected”.

The next step is to select an existing mailing list or create a new one to store contacts that will be collected using 13Chats tools.

To add existing contacts to the mailing list, select the “Export existing contacts to SendPulse” checkbox.

To configure the export of contacts to an existing mailing list, select the mailing list you want to export contacts to from the drop-down list.


To export contacts to a new mailing list, click Create A New Mailing List.

Name the new list, and click “Create.”

After that, select the newly created list in the main drop-down list.

In the future, you can change the settings by clicking on the “Change” button.

Contacts are synchronized every 10 minutes — you can also export contacts manually at any convenient time. To do this, click on the integration status and select “Start a manual sync” to start the export.

Your contacts will be uploaded to SendPulse in the background.

Now, you can build further communication channels using SendPulse: send email and SMS campaigns, analyze their performance, and optimize the results.

If you need help setting up the integration, sign up for a free demo or ask a question in the online chat on our website.

Updated: 02.02.2022

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