Integration with Integromat

Set up an integration with the Integromat platform to automatically transfer 13Chats subscriber data to third-party services. It helps connect your services using webhooks, a method that allows multiple applications to interact with each other.

Send information about contacts’ actions to an external URL: for example, collect email addresses and phone numbers in Google Sheets. Now, it is possible to transfer information first to using a webhook and then to any of the 400 applications available on the platform.

The function is only available for paid plans.

What functions are available with Integromat integration

You can configure the transmission of information about:

  • new chats;
  • creating a subscriber through variables from the widget;
  • adding an email address or phone number to your audience list;
  • subscribing to Facebook Messenger.

Important: you can only transfer subscriber data. A visitor to your site must send a message to an online chat or subscribe to a chatbot to become a subscriber. Session data will be deleted after the user clears their browser cache and cookies.

List of variables you can pass to Integromat:

Variable nameDescription
Subscriber’s data
emailvalid email address of the user
phoneuser phone number
usernameunique username
gendergender information (n/a by default)
facebookIdunique Facebook ID of the user
clientIdunique 13Chats user ID
variablesuser variables
tagstags assigned to the user
avatarprofile image URL (https://protocol)
createdAtsubscription date
Session data
referrerThe URL from which the user came to your site
userAgentprogram element for identifying the user’s browser
termtransition resource type designation
contentthe text specified in the corresponding page tag
utmMediumtransition channel name
pagesdataset in JSON of the last visited page
eventsthe last event the client configured to transmit
createdAtdate of the last session
isActivereturns a value about whether the subscriber is currently active on the site

How to set up integration with Integromat

To get access to an integration with Integromat, select and pay for any paid 13Chats plan.

Let’s show an example of setting up the transfer of phone numbers and email addresses from 13Chats to Google Sheets. You can apply this guide to customize any other integration.

Before starting the integration, log into your Integromat account or register a new account, and also create a new table where phone numbers and email addresses will be added automatically.

To create a new integration scenario, click Create a new scenario.

Click + to add a webhook to transfer subscriber data to Integromat.

Select Webhooks from the dropdown list.

You need to create the webhook itself, to which data from 13Chats will be sent — select Custom webhook from the dropdown list.

Click Add to add a new webhook, give it a name, and save the changes by clicking the Save button.

Copy the webhook link by clicking Copy address to the clipboard.

Log into your 13Chats account and select the project you are setting up the integration for. Go to the project settings on the “Integrations” tab, paste the code in the field for webhooks, mark what information about the actions of contacts should be transferred to Integromat, and click “Apply.

Since we will send phone numbers and/or email addresses to Google Sheets in our example, add a test phone number or email address to any subscriber in the Audience tab so that the webhook with this data goes to Integromat.

When Integromat receives the webhook, you will see a confirmation message. Click OK.

The next step is to add the Google Sheets module and add the subscriber data to a new row in this table.

Click on the + next to the webhook module.

From the dropdown, select Google Sheets

… and the second step is Add a Row.

You need to connect the integration with Google Sheets and select the file, sheet, and lines in which the data will be written.

Click Add to add the table integration, give it a name, and click Continue.

Select the Google account you want to connect and click Allow.

Select the spreadsheet and sheet to which the data will be written, and indicate whether you have named the columns on that sheet (Table contains headers? Yes/No). Specify which columns to enter user information. To do this, click on the field corresponding to a certain column, and select the variable you want to add to the table from the drop-down list.

Check whether everything has been filled out correctly and click OK.

Before saving and exiting, you need to check if everything works correctly. To do this, click Run once to start the integration and add test data (phone number or email address) to any subscriber in the “Audit history.

If you configure everything correctly, green confirmation check marks will appear under the Webhooks and Google Sheets blocks.

And, a line with the data that you filled out will appear in the Google Sheets.

Move the slider in the lower-left corner to the ON position to activate the integration.

Choose how often the script will be triggered:

  • immediately — every time you receive a webhook;
  • at a regular interval — after a certain period;
  • once — once;
  • every day — every day at a certain time;
  • days of the week — on certain days of the week;
  • days of the month — on certain days of the month;
  • specified dates — on specific dates.

Now, you can transfer subscriber data to third-party services: CRM, analytics platforms, calendars, call tracking services, etc.

If you need help setting up the integration, sign up for a free demo or send your questions to the online chat on our website.


Updated: 02.02.2022

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