Using Emoji in Communication with Clients

Using Emoji in Communication with Clients

Emoji is considered a symbol for young people and is an indispensable thing in every daily message. But now, the times have changed as emojis gradually become popular and widely used in marketing and businesses. The application of emoticons in marketing helps social media posts to convey messages and emotions better than usual. The following article will help you better understand emojis and how emojis affect content marketing. 

As a netizen, everyone knows about emoticons, also known as emojis. If in the past, only young people liked and used emojis for a virtual chat on social networks, now emojis have become more popular and are used by many people of all ages. Such popularity is due to emoji having a lot of symbols to express emotions and always updating new icons every year.

So what do emojis mean?

Emojis are small icons and images created using the Unicode standard. The name ‘emoji’ is a combination of Japanese words: e (絵) means “image”, and moji (字) means ‘character’.

Emojis were first created in 1999 by a Japanese programmer with 180 emoticons. In 2010, emojis were standardized by Unicode and are widely used worldwide. As of June 2018, there were more than 2,823 emojis in the list of Unicode standards, of which 157 were newly introduced this year.

The first emoji were created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita.

How do emojis benefit your business?

People love emojis

Emoji are ubiquitous in every culture today because they have changed the way we can communicate. Texting has become simpler and you can quickly express your feelings through emojis. Currently, about 80% of people in the UK are using emojis in messages. Emoji is the fastest-growing new language, especially in the digital age and the internet boom.

Emojis improve content marketing effectiveness

Emojis help increase interaction. To put it simply, Emojis = Engagement. That means using emojis helps increase engagement rates, click-through rates, and open rates for content types. Furthermore, emojis bring a friendly tone to communication which is very appreciated within a young audience.

For example, here’s a standard conversation that could use an emoji to liven it up:

Customer: Good day. I was hoping to get more information about current offers.

Business: Hi, Emma! Thank you for messaging us. The promo code will be sent to your email!


Customer: Hi there. Could you let me know the current status of the offer?

Business: Hi, Emma! 👋🏻 Hope you are having a wonderful day. 🌈 Thank you for reaching out. The promo code will be sent to your email! 📧

Automatic reply messages can benefit from emojis, too:

Business: The store is closed from June 3 to June 9. We will be back very soon and happy to answer your questions once we are back and running! 👋🏻

They benefit written communication

Today, emojis aim to make written communication more effective. With 92% of the online population using emojis, it’s no surprise that businesses have started using them in marketing their products. More often, we see that emojis are used not only in personal correspondence, but also in emails, chatbots, and live chats on the site.

Marketing expert – Vyv Evans, a linguistics professor at Bangor University, called emojis “the fastest growing form of language in history”, has also suggested that the right use of emojis in social media posts can lead to higher engagement. And surprisingly, emojis have made it easier for businesses to reach and communicate with customers than before.

Using emojis will give customers a feeling of closeness and familiarity like texting with friends and relatives. It favors them to continue the conversation and find out more information later. If you still do not believe it, take a look at these chatbot services examples that use emojis to increase engagement. With 13Chats, you can easily set up messages containing available emojis.

A chatbot is an important part of connecting with customers, sharing, and solving their problems. Using emojis properly helps you express your emotions more authentically and helps convey good service to your customers. And it also makes customers have a more favorable view of your brand.

Use of emojis in the live chat communication through 13Chats

When chatting online, it can be difficult to express your thoughts and feelings using words. Emojis can help provide speech cues to the voice of the conversation and prevent miscommunication through emojis.

Moreover, using positive emojis can lead to positive emotions from the customer, and the same goes for negative emojis. This empathy can help clients feel closer to the brand and create a more effective form of communication.

Snovio — chatbot builder that supports emojis. You can see it from their own chatbot greetings. Similar to 13Chats, Snovio leans more towards a friendly conversation.

Using emoji in communication through Snovio

Emojis stimulate brain regions. In a world where we have little direct interaction, emojis can help us feel like we have a more personal and authentic experience thanks to the emotions expressed through them.

Although there are many advantages to using emoji, not everyone loves them. There are customers who will feel that using a lot of random emojis will be unprofessional. Therefore, when responding in chatbots, you need to be careful and choose the right audience as well as consider the topic when sending content containing emoji. Make sure not to use a dozen emojis in a row. 1-2 emojis are enough to emphasize the necessary context or highlight the message.

What is the effect of Emoji in chatbots?

Chatbot’s aim is to make customers feel appreciated by speedy response and attentive communication. This helps make sure they remember your brand and helps keep it ahead of the competition. By expressing emotion with уmoji, you are more likely to get an emotional response from your customers. This is why Instagram posts using emoji get 17% more engagement than posts without emoji.

How can you use emojis in a chatbot?

Choose neutral and appropriate emojis

If that emoji doesn’t fit the content or brand, don’t try to use it. People will easily sympathize when the emoji matches your response.

Be sure that clients understand you and your intentions correctly. If you plan to use emoji in live chat, start by experimenting with your team. Try adding some emoji to online chat and customer correspondence and compare the result over the course of a week. 

Pay attention to whether customers are sending you emoji in response 

Follow the tone of the conversation and what has changed in communication. You will then be able to better understand the results of using emojis for your business.

Encourage your customers to use emojis in live chats

  • Encourage customers to comment using an emoji: Comment ‘👍’ if you agree or ‘👎’ if you disagree. 
  • Another example, ‘😁’ instead of ‘Hello’, or ‘😯’ instead of ‘Uh Oh!’.
  • Get people to describe something using emojis: ‘Describe your weekend plans using emojis!’. 
  • Make an emoji-only message and challenge everyone: “Join the translation of these emojis for a chance to win…”

13Chats Messenger Chatbot

Lastly, adding emojis is the simplest way to add personality to your brand’s advertising and communications. From any device, you can add a row of colorful icons to a Facebook post, email, or customer chatbot. If you’re looking to incorporate more emotions to personalize your brand, emoji is a good choice.


Final thought, is the use of emojis in the workplace going too far? It is true that languages ​​are always evolving, but there are still some words that we cannot use in the workplace. Is that true for emojis?

We can agree that emojis do not have a specific semantic value. Take the winged dollar symbol 💸, for example. Does it mean that profits are increasing? Or is the money flying? All that we are taught about accuracy and clarity in communication seems to go against the meaning of the existence of emoticons. 

So if you consider your organisation as a friendly environment then make sure your brand shows that all languages are inclusive. And 13Chats will be happy to help you with that!

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