Inside Facebook Messenger Ads for Chatbots

Inside Facebook Messenger Ads for Chatbots

After you’ve launched a business, you probably aim to maximize your performance and get high conversions and decent revenue. Nowadays, almost every company provides a website and sets e-commerce as one of its pillars. According to various statistics and surveys, websites play an important role and social media as well. The Oracle Report revealed that nearly half of the sales leaders noted that their customers and prospects tend to show more interest in interacting via social media platforms. 

Social networks such as Facebook allow you to reach clients faster with a more personalized approach. Implementing Facebook ads and chatbots to your business’ daily routine can uplift your marketing to a new level of getting new prospects and engaging more customers. If you’re considering those for your business, you might want to know how they can benefit you. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of Facebook ads with chatbots.

Why Use Facebook Messenger Ads

Is Facebook still as popular as they say? Well, according to the latest Statista survey, Facebook occupies the leading position among the social networking platforms by the number of active users. There are about 2,8 billion people who remain loyal to the app.

Source: Statista

Moreover, Facebook currently owns three other big platforms with more than 1 billion users each, namely WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. This is how Facebook paced its way to becoming the biggest social network ever known. 

Let’s look at some chatbots first to get an idea of how to integrate them with Facebook Messenger ads. 

Chatbots are defined as tools powered by already established scenarios. While interacting with a chatbot, customers can solve their inquiries with a minimum time expenditure and maximum result. Facebook chatbot advertising is one of the well-known ways for people to engage with a brand. After clicking on a button with CTA, a chatbot will start a conversation and help move potential clients down a sales funnel. 

However, note that not all Facebook ads for chatbots are the same. It’s possible to group them into the following categories according to their destination and placement. 

In terms of destination, an ad shows up as usual and informs the audience about an item or service. It can lead to Messenger, Direct, or WhatsApp. Rather than confront a user with a “Shop Now” offer, it suggests starting a conversation by providing a “Send Message” button or redirecting with “Learn more.”

Talking about placement, it’s possible to run your ads across these Facebook platforms:

  • Messenger ads can appear in a person’s news feed, deliver a certain message to one’s inbox, or show up on the Instagram Feed. 
  • Direct ads are limited to the Instagram platform. They can be displayed in Feed, Stories, Reels, and Explore.
  • WhatsApp ads can be on both Instagram and Facebook. 

To create a message ad, you need to select the goal of your advertising campaign. It can be aimed at “Traffic”, “Conversions on the website” or “Messages”. After that, choose your ad destination and its placement.

Having sorted out the types of Facebook ads for chatbots, the next question that you might be having is whether your business would profit from them. Here are some key points and positive outcomes of Facebook ads campaigns you should know about. 

Reach clients faster on their preferable platform 

According to Hubspot, about 90% of customers marked an immediate response from a brand as important. And that is where Facebook Messenger comes in. Messaging is a modern and efficient way to improve your customer support. Face-to-face conversations and phone calls are not always convenient and often require much of your time. 

Providing the option to instantly share your feedback significantly increases the odds of making a deal. Facebook claims that 53% of users are willing to get in touch with a brand if it provides a chat option. Chatbots and Facebook ads allow you to reach a much wider audience. Consequently, attracting more prospects and ensuring the best customer experience within a short period will enhance your chances to convert more customers. 

As an example, TourRadar places an ad on their Facebook feed to entice users who showed interest in traveling to visit their website. This advertisement can also be shown to those who browsed some tours but didn’t book anything or came across TourRadar services. 

An ad by TourRadar on Facebook

Create personalized sponsored ads  

A Signifi Media survey revealed that retargeting campaigns’ results are 10 times better compared to ordinary advertisements. Facebook ads for chatbots allow you to send personalized messages to those who have interacted with your business before. It means that it’s impossible to target users who are unaware of your brand or aren’t into the topic in general. As a result, you can reach out to a person using Messenger if they have shown some interest in your brand and execute a retargeting strategy much more effectively.  

For example, Jasper’s Market company uses a sponsored ad to be displayed in their Messenger. This sort of promotion looks like an ordinary message and doesn’t seem too off-putting. When a person looks at a sponsored Messenger advertisement, they typically see the message itself with an additional picture and a “sponsored” label. 

An example of Jasper’s Market sponsored ad on Messenger

Execute better local targeting 

From now on, Facebook enables business retailers to leverage a new “Local awareness” feature. It’s pretty straightforward in use and comes in handy while also increasing your traffic. Basically, you can select a certain audience who will see your advertisement based on their and your business location. 

Having opened a new restaurant or a shop, you can easily reach out to people who live nearby and can be interested with the help of Facebook Messenger ads and chatbots. Apart from that, consider offering some value as a discount coupon or a gift. Getting in touch with the locals and creating a gimmick for a first purchase or visit will increase your revenue and general brand recognition. 

For example, St. Lucie county in Florida launched a campaign aimed at the locals. They promote upcoming events and contests and offer gift certificates for different kinds of tourist attractions. 

An example of a local advertisement on Facebook

Start a conversation with Messenger ads more naturally

Facebook ads for chatbots are a very soothing and discreet option to start the ball rolling. This way, you won’t scare cold leads off. Instead of encouraging visitors to buy something at once, such ads allow you to invite the audience to visit your page or website. While coming up with a copy for your ad, consider making it more personal by addressing a prospect directly or using pronouns. By customizing the notifications, you can ensure that your potential customers will get the touch of a real human connection. 

Such a technique will help you to stand out among the avalanche of other companies that use chatbots for Facebook Messenger ads. An American entrepreneur Tim Ferriss uses a Facebook chatbot to keep in touch with his audience. The message is tailored to be rather personal, as it addresses a follower by their name, asks questions, and encourages interaction. 

An example of a conversation-starter in Facebook chatbot

Boost your sales rates 

Using Messenger chatbots provides your customers with valuable information about your product and allows them to ask questions and solve any issues that might stand in the way. According to Facebook, more than 80% of clients in different countries got in touch with a company via Messenger themselves to ask a question. 

Source: Facebook

It means that chatbots serve as guides during customer journeys. In addition, they can allow a customer to pay right on the platform. Implementing these strategies will provide purchasers with a pleasant experience that will positively affect your sales rate. 

Setting Up Chatbot Advertising on Facebook

To get the most out of Facebook ads, you need a chatbot in the first place. Chatbot advertising exploits computer programs to generate conversions and turn prospects into leads afterward. It is worth mentioning that some Facebook ads are tailored to invite users directly to a landing page. Another option would be to implement a redirect button that leads to Messenger. 

Besides, think about going beyond Facebook itself and promoting click-to-Messenger ads on, for example, Instagram Stories or Feed. It will increase your chances of instant engagement. Instagram ad placement can be an alternative that will generate more leads if your target audience is young people.  

An example of an Instagram ad redirecting to Messenger

Besides all stated above, you can use chatbots for Facebook advertising, collecting data, and analyzing it. With constant optimization based on the information about your audience, chatbots will provide the most suitable way of communication. This kind of data is extremely valuable for your business’s better overall performance. Since Facebook analytics tools don’t supply this information, you can implement an additional online service like 13Chats

Build Your Facebook Messenger Bot With 13Chats

Launching real-time support can be quite challenging and time-consuming. With 13Chats, on the other hand, you can upgrade your Facebook business campaigns in a couple of days. 

Connect Your Facebook Page with 13Chats

To start with, you need to integrate 13Chats with your Facebook page. The whole process is pretty straightforward and won’t take long. Choose a tool you want to add by moving a slider. 

Starting integration with 13Chats 

Having logged in with your personal account and enabled administrator rights, choose your business page you’d like to add to 13Chats. 

Connecting Facebook page to 13Chats

After providing all the necessary permissions, you’re all set to start your Facebook business journey with 13Chats automation tools. 

Completing the integration with 13Chats

Create Messenger Chatbots Flows 

If you’re planning on launching a Messenger chatbot, you should also think about the logic and structure of the whole communication. By using the 13Chats chatbot builder, you can connect all the elements into one unit within a map that will visualize the process step by step. After creating a message, you can easily add versatile flows to guide your client further.

13Chats flow builder

Test Your Messenger Chatbots 

A/B testing is one of the essential components of CRO. By testing and analyzing data, you can improve your overall business performance. After creating a Messenger chatbot ad, send a quick test to your Facebook account to give it a try. 

13Chats enables you to launch an A/B test of your chatbot conversation flows to find out which one yields more orders or a greater number of leads. After that, you can optimize your Messenger chatbots according to your findings. Doing the testing will help you identify what stands in the way of users’ satisfaction and high conversions.

Adjust and Integrate Your Chatbots

After one or two positive interactions and deals with a customer, it’s always a good idea to keep them up-to-date about the newest items or latest releases. In such a way, your brand can retain customers who had a positive experience. 

With 13Chats Messenger chatbots, you can easily create messages to broadcast new releases or services. Moreover, it allows you to adjust your flows according to your needs or preferences. It is possible to enable or disable a flow at any time, change your existing scenarios, or unbind a trigger from the flow, for example. 

13Chats’ dashboard for managing your chatbots

Provide Round-the-Clock Support

Neither the lack of business automation tools nor the availability of the ones that are disabled improve the user experience you provide. But the good news is — chatbots don’t need to sleep. A chatbot comes in when customer support isn’t active or a client shares feedback after hours. A chatbot can solve minor problems and provide your prospects with necessary links. 

Smart widgets can serve as great multitaskers and handle several clients’ problems or questions at the same time. It’s also essential if your business is international and your audience is spread outside a single time zone. As an alternative, if your chatbot gets a lot of complicated questions that require individual human support, you can create a so-called “out of office” bot.

With such an approach, your customers won’t wait long for a response. And as soon as your staff is at the workplace, they can take over the issue. With 13Chats, you can request a visitor’s email address or a phone number and contact them at a suitable time not to lose leads.

Setting up a request for contact information with 13Chats

Get Insights into Your Business Performance

The benefits of customer feedback are one of the foremost when it comes to business advancement. Having actual insights in your pocket means that you can easily improve your services or change customers’ scenarios to perform better and suit your audience’s needs. 

Also, taking into account all the performance details, you can analyze your results based on customers’ reactions. Basically, it becomes possible to estimate the number of customers you’ve contacted and whether they responded to a message or ignored it. Such details are of paramount importance when it comes to deciding what kind of support to offer to increase sales.

13Chats’ statistic check

13Chats loves Facebook!

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Setting up chatbot advertising on Facebook

You can use chatbots for Facebook advertising, collecting data, and analyzing it. Chatbots will establish the most suitable way of communication and constant optimization based on the information about your audience. This kind of data is extremely valuable for your better overall performance. Since Facebook analytics tools don’t provide such information, consider implementing an additional online service like 13Chats. 


Let’s connect a Facebook chatbot that was built with 13Chats to an ad. First, create a new ad campaign, and choose Messages as an objective.  

Choosing a campaign objective

Then choose Messenger as your destination:

Message destination

Afterward, set up your budget & schedule, define your audience, and manually choose Facebook News Feed, Messenger inbox, and Instagram feed as placements to show your ad. 

Press Next.

Available placements for ad redirecting 

Next, add your content for this ad: select the media and text. Keep in mind that you need to choose your business page that is connected to your chatbot.

Select your business page, media, and text for the ad

After that, scroll down, and find the Message template block. You will create a new template for the chat that will be displayed after people tap on your ad. Choose Start conversations and press Edit.

Message template

Create your welcome message — it will appear above the button that starts the chatbot. Choose Buttons as customer action, and sign your CTA button. Caution: choose ‘Send a postback’ as an action. It is necessary to link your bot to the ad. Save all the changes.

Set up a welcome message

Now you have a new message template. You can try it on your Messenger and edit it if you need. Then, publish your ad.

Test your chatbot and publish the ad

That’s all — you’ve connected your Facebook chatbot to your ad in a few steps. When users press the Messenger button on your ad, they will see a welcome message and start a conversation with your chatbot.

Consider 13Chats As Your Trusted Partner

When it comes to increasing conversion and revenue, 13Chats can be one of the choices to settle on. The service allows creating chatbots for Facebook Messenger for every brand. As a business retailer, you can customize your design, copy, and style to suit your customers’ individual needs. 

13Chats is a free and user-friendly platform that will automate the whole process. Consequently, you can reduce costs on your live agent support and go for efficacy and quick solutions. Integrating Messenger chatbots and Facebook ads seems like a killer combination when it comes to personalization. Using 13Chats, you can get insights from your business and provide your target audience with a preferred way of support. 

Implementing such tools on marketing platforms will maximize your business performance and result in benefits for both parties. If you want to enhance your business, 13Chats can be a sound choice! Create a fully automated chatbot and profit from its use. 

Final thoughts 

With modern marketing trends, it might be challenging to keep one’s head above water. But take a second to consider Facebook chatbots and ads as your business’ next advancement. Depending on your main objectives, choose a type of advertisement that would suit the peculiarities of your brand. 

Such advantages as higher satisfaction rate, better conversion rate, and loyal client base will be forthcoming. Messenger ads chatbots are a more natural way of starting a conversation both with cold and warm leads.

Join 13Chats and create a Facebook chatbot for your business to leverage new customers. Feel free to book a demo call with our CEO to get to know more about our features and services!


Do users really like Messenger chatbots? 

In a nutshell – yes! 😄

More and more people prefer communicating on social media mainly because of messaging velocity. A Messenger chatbot is a great option for your customers to get in touch with your business in no time. 

Do I need coding skills to create a Facebook chatbot? 

The good news is that you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to tailor a chatbot. With 13Chats, you use a special builder to create one just in a few clicks. 

How can I create a successful chatbot?

Chatbot for Facebook advertising is a useful addition to your social media business account. Here are some points to consider before implementing such a tool:

  • Make it more human-like: Your preferable tone of voice would be neutral or formal. However, ensure that your messages sound natural as if a human assistant typed them 💬.
  • Let it be straightforward: Spare unnecessary details or elaborate speech turns. Keep it simple, informative, and polite.
  • Provide smart options: It’s not an easy talk to predict all possible problems your customers might encounter. However, you should include some basic options, for example, “Get more details” or “Chat with a manager”. 

What can complement my Facebook ad?

Craft your Facebook Messenger ads with pictures or photos. Ideally, with the ones that comply with your brand identity and depict it naturally. 

For example, if you’d like to promote a newly opened restaurant, add some pictures from the inside of this place or a couple of specialties. 

Stock photos of spick and span waiters are also a proven way, but they probably won’t stay in consumers’ minds for long.  One more thing to consider is incorporating GIFs or/and emojis into your default messaging. They will create a more casual and friendly atmosphere and set a proper mood right from the beginning 🙌.

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