How Automation Sales Increases Revenue: Benefits and Real Examples

How Automation Sales Increases Revenue: Benefits and Real Examples

Running digital marketing messaging is a long and tiring process. And without sales operations automation it can become a black hole in your team’s schedule. The cold hard fact is that sales representatives spend only 34% of their time selling. Yes, entering data, performing administrative tasks, doing company meetings is important, but is it the best way to spend your rep’s time effectively?

Digital sales automation is a complete rethink of setting up your business. Read on to find out how to use automation sales to increase revenue, streamline your business processes, and create a more personal buying experience.

What is sales automation?

Sales automation is the process of computerization of manual sales tasks with the help of software, CRM systems, or artificial intelligence. It intends to replace the sales representatives and managers in completing routine everyday tasks and help them perform better. 

Digital sales automation like live chats or chatbots has become a thing in recent years. According to Social Media Today, 75% of businesses have already started using at least one marketing automation tool. And Airpilot has asked the businesses how much marketing automation has helped them and 95% of respondents find automation in marketing actually helpful.

                                                                                         Source: Airpilot

Businesses invest more and more in automation as this technology turns out to be quite a breadwinner for them and shows no sign of stopping revenue growth in the nearest future.

Sales automation benefits

The lion’s share of routine tasks in an online business is resolved through live chats and chatbots, but there is a whole bunch of other sales automation benefits.

Improved reporting

Just like every parent needs to see their kid’s greed sheet to see how the kid is doing at school, product owners need to check their business activity to see its productivity. When do you get the most calls? What is the most frequently asked question about your service? Which chat scenario works best in closing the deal?

Sales automation incorporates data into your business planning and strategizing. Go in for in-depth reports to see how your prospects respond to your sales strategy. 

13Chats offers various sorts of reporting. You can track how active the dialogs are, your peak hours and when the workload is the highest. We also provide you with the stats of your scenarios and their engagement so that you could get a better view of where to head next with your sales. Here you can see the stats after the Black Friday message flow:

Project stats powered by 13Chats

Saved time and improved efficiency

As mentioned above, 95% of sales representatives appreciate automation tools as they are time-savers. Indeed, with digital sales automation, your team doesn’t need to prepare reports and analyze your business performance. They can actually concentrate on what a robot can’t do as perfectly — communicating with your real-time customers. 

Yet there is also a way to improve this step too. Trust the onboarding and routine messaging to your chatbot and let your sales managers join the chat to resolve complex narrow-focused questions only.

Improved customer experience

Automation opens the door for customization. With the automated workflow, you don’t need to greet or provide shipping details manually. What now seems obvious once was a marvel. Modern sales automation tools even go further and allow you to present answers based on certain keywords. 13Chats provides such a feature as creating a chat flow based on a predefined keyword. Here’s how such a chatflow looks:

Keyword-based message flow created by 13Chats

Moreover, your chatbot can send links to the pages with useful information, for example to your knowledge base, shipping details, guides, or blog. 

By doing so, you will create a unique customer experience for users, satisfy their requests, and receive high-quality and loyal leads. 

How sales automation drives revenue

So what exactly happens when you incorporate sales marketing automation into your business routine? Here are 5 ways automation fuels up your sale processes.

Eliminates data entry

This is a key factor why automation is life-saving for your time. Back in the day, a manual database update was the only option. Now it’s only a matter of integrating the automation tool with your CRM and you no longer need to worry about the doc management. 

Customers can leave their data like shipping address or card number, and it will be automatically processed when the order is made. If you’re using a chatbot, it can help you group your products within their price range and let the customer choose which price suits them best.

Improves the overall sales process

Automation broadcasts the customer buying cycle. In case the prospect is stuck at the checkout stage, you can trigger an email reminding them about the abandoned cart or contact them on Messenger, ask them for their thoughts and plot the future sales actions.

Automation helps with upsell and cross-sell, encouraging the customer to use your service to the fullest and introduce inviting features that might scale up your prospect’s business or customer experience and, as a result, position you as a trustworthy brand.

Improves the sales team’s lead intelligence

In sales, a minute can be worth gold. Reaching the right customer at the right time can be either lucrative or loss-making. If you set up automated emails informing whether the prospect is looking at the prices or return options or get clear insights on another user’s real-time activity.

Increases renewals

Automation helps you see which pricing plans are expiring and contact the customers with an email or a chatbot message offering to renew the plan. In the meantime, your sales reps will be doing some other sufficient work than tracking contracts to renew.

To say more, you can use sales automation tools to calculate the client’s success stats either just for fun or for serious analysis. This way you will encourage them to estimate the future opportunities with the company or how they interacted with your business.

Increases referrals and customer satisfaction

Something which is beyond the machine’s control is the word of mouth. Positive recommendations within the customer’s communication circle are considered to be one of the most credible types of advertising. Loyal clients spreading the word about your service mean effective leads, high conversions, and good brand fame.

Automation helps you understand customers’ unique needs and provide them with the information they want to know. You can track who is stuck on the checkout page and come up with help. You can set up a triggered email series if the customer has left their order uncompleted. You can track customer’s previous orders and come up with better options for their current one.

Final thoughts

Digital sales automation is real gold if you want to turn your marketing and sales into a well-oiled machine. It relieves the fuss in communication, saves time, and, most importantly, brings money to the table with no sweat. However, you should always remember that your business won’t survive by automation alone. 

Consider turning to automation not to replace the salespeople, but rather help them improve their productivity, understand the audience better, and help your business prosper. 13Chats trusts in automation and invites you to try it with us!

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