Halloween Marketing Ideas To Brush Off Dust Off Your Chatbot and Pop-up Squad

Halloween Marketing Ideas To Brush Off Dust Off Your Chatbot and Pop-up Squad

Halloween is indeed one of the scariest times of the year for marketers. They go crazy trying to come up with creative solutions on how to use Helloween to increase customer engagement, boost sales, and make their brand stand out from the competitors. 

To make the work easier for you, we’ve created this article where you can uncover the best Halloween marketing campaign ideas. Make sure to try them for enhancing your business performance during the upcoming holiday season.

Halloween statistics for 2021

The recent global pandemic outbreak has significantly stimulated the rise of eCommerce. According to Statista, by 2025, digital commerce and online shopping revenue is expected to rise to 30%, thus reaching $563.4 billion

Retail e-commerce revenue in the US from 2017 to 2025. Source: Statista

On 2021 Halloween sales, the overall consumer spending can reach over $10 billion — around 20% more than 2020 and is mostly caused by the pandemic restrictions release. With these statistics in mind, eCommerce businesses focus on boosting the Halloween business more than ever. They strengthen their marketing strategies and create the most winning proposals and deals for their customers.

Halloween sales ideas to stand out from competitors

Creative marketing is one of the most effective ways to enhance your eCommerce: by interacting with your consumers it becomes easier to define their pains, needs and effortlessly get these covered. 

Create interactive quizzes

You can ask your chatbot subscribers to participate in interactive Halloween-related quizzes with prizes. A quiz as in the example below, would help you define the customer preferences and personalize the further interactions.

Chatbot message offering a discount in exchange for taking the quiz from Chatbot

Host a photo contest

You can run a social media campaign asking your customers to share their Halloween photos with your product. Set up specific hashtags and offer nice regards to participants. Thus, you’ll get lots of user-generated content, gain bigger exposure, and thus increase sales. By the way, you can inform your website visitors about your contest through a pop-up on your website.

Dunkin has proved this idea never gets old — people have been running photo contests for a while, yet the Halloween one always brings the funniest, cutest, and most creative results. 😉 

Halloween costume contest from Dunkin

Offer advice on how to use your products on Halloween

Give valuable holiday-related tips along with Halloween deals to your chatbot subscribers. Share home decoration tips if you sell decor, share some recipes if you sell food, and share Halloween costume ideas if you sell clothing. 

Remember you can insert a link to your tips, recipes, costume details using a chatbot. This way, you introduce additional supplements to use your Halloween ideas and sell more!

Chatbot offering Halloween costume ideas from Chatbot

Customizing your logo to the holiday’s style would attract more attention to your brand. Make sure to add other Halloween-related elements to your website, as Halloween-related slogans or widgets.

This Halloween idea from Starbucks is both daring, hilarious, and stylish. To be honest, I don’t already remember which image they had before this fascinating lady in the center of the logo! 😜

Halloween logo from Starbucks

How to automate Halloween campaigns with 13Chats

Utilizing 13Chats can help you set up your Halloween marketing campaign as it offers a wide range of capabilities for chatbot and pop-up creation. By planning holiday campaigns beforehand and automating the message delivery with 13Chats you would avoid making wrong decisions during this hot season. Let our automation tools do all the hard work for you, so you could focus on processing orders and serving customers.

13Chats won’t scare away your visitors!

Let’s make a deal: ideas are on you, the implementation is on us! Use the Halloween tips from this article to make your festive campaign rocket! 🙂

Try 13Chats



#1 Plan your marketing campaign and create a project in 13Chats

The first thing to consider is to plan all the details of your marketing campaign. For example, if it includes the chatbot, you should create the script and define what results you want to achieve.  When you’re ready, start creating a project in 13Chats.  

Creating the chatbot flows for eCommerce and effective pop-ups, are much easier than assumed. Professional services like 13Chats don’t require any hard developing skills and help you to integrate these marketing tools into your website. 

#2 Decide on the basic info

Next, configure the chatbot/pop-ups settings to make it more attractive and useful for your shoppers while maintaining the Halloween topic. Use catchy phrases, funny emojis, or any other fun Halloween ideas you can come up with. The core settings to launching the chat widget are: 

  • The widget title
  • The first message to start with (on default)
  • The color scheme used for chat widgets and pop-ups
  • Their position on the screen (left/right)
  • Acquiring of user’s contacts if the response operators are unavailable

Dashboard for creating a chatbot from 13Chats

#3 Create the message flow 

It’s important to implement different acquisition tactics to enlarge your target audience with juicy offers to make the most of Halloween business marketing. 13Chats has prepared a detailed plan of actions that you should undertake not to turn the Halloween season into a real horror, but to use it for boosting sales. 

Let’s uncover the most effective Halloween marketing campaign ideas to utilize for pop-ups and chatbots when heating up your site’s visitors. 

2 Weeks Before Halloween: Put a sticky bar on your website

Starting from the slight reminders about the Halloween seasonal sales and deals is perfect to keep your audience informed and attract their interest. For instance, a sticky bar can contain the catching phrase like “Humongous Halloweekend Sale 🎃” and the subscription button to get the newest notifications via the usual messengers like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and more. 

A sticky bar can also encourage visitors to review the catalog to prepare for the Halloween sales and pick up all the products they want in advance: by screening the products’ quality and reviews, adding to “favorites” or “wish” lists, or directly to the shopping cart. The 13Chats service is great for creating the sticky bars: you can customize the message, design, and even placement on your website.

Halloween sticky bar from 13Chats

1 Week Left to Halloween: Send a notification to a chatbot

A chatbot is a must-have tool for any shopping platform. It helps visitors select the best goods for any purpose and can significantly stimulate the website users for purchases they are sure to be pleased with. 

With 13Chats, you shouldn’t worry about how to get a chatbot for eCommerce anymore. Our service can help you prepare a warmed-up audience for the upcoming Halloween sales in the messengers. For example, you can send catching, informative yet useful messages to remind about: 

  • The scariest ideas for Halloween celebrations (with the top products list)
  • Fun Halloween ideas to try this year
  • Nicest trends for Halloween with the top items for sale 
  • The best Halloween deals

Chatbot message offering a Halloween discount from Tidio

Your message should convince the receivers: “Your scary good deal is here 👻.“ However, avoid sending more than 2 messages to avoid being unsubscribed or blocked, as in this case, you can simply lose your audience.

5 Days Before Halloween: Use pop-ups on the website

The better you’ll introduce a unique value proposition of your eCommerce site, the higher are the chances to increase the sales. This is the best time for creating different scary, funny, and extraordinary pop-ups to gain people’s attention and stimulate their buying decisions. 

This can be easily done with 13Chats — the easy-to-use yet feature-rich service with multiple pop-ups and chatbots’ designs for all tastes and for nearly any holiday: Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and more. Currently, you can find a variety of Halloween pop-ups designs on 13Chats.

Halloween pop-up offering a discount from 13Chats

3 Days Before Halloween: Use a video pop-up with deals

The fewer days left until Halloween sales, the more attractive deals you should offer and the more attention-catching techniques you should use. Creating a video pop-up is a great way to engage with the user. 

Use 13Chats to create unique video pop-ups with exclusive coupons, special deals, and the nicest proposals. The service offers a wide functionality allowing you to utilize any video, apply various effects, and incorporate custom widgets with offers. While being gifted the best Halloween offers, most of the visitors won’t lose the chance of using them!

During the Halloween Sales: Combine pop-ups, a sticky bar, and chatbot notifications

Use one topic-related pop-up, the attractive sticky bar with clear navigation as well as send notifications to the chatbot in order to remind your loyal customers and inform the new visitors about the Halloween sales.

This won’t annoy people with lots of sales ads but keep them inspired with the Halloween shopping ideas.

Halloween pop-up offering a bonus from 13Chats

#4 Test Your Marketing Campaign

Once you have created the detailed plan for your Halloween marketing campaign, start testing it. Run A/B tests to find out which pop-up designs or chatbot messages deem the best results, and optimize your campaign accordingly. Get rid of poorly-performing marketing approaches and focus on those that show the highest conversion rates. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are numerous Halloween marketing ideas and tactics to use for preparing your eCommerce business for the high season. Combining holiday-related pop-ups, sticky bars, and chatbot notifications is a way to go. Such a complex approach would keep your potential customers updated about the deals and thus maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Feel free to use 13Chats to easily set up your Halloween marketing campaign. We offer extensive chatbot creation options as well as an abundance of holiday-related pop-up designs to choose from. Start your best Halloween marketing campaign today and generate the highest sales for your eCommerce business right away!

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