Case Study: 13Chats Pop-ups and Live Chat Solution for Weje

Case Study: 13Chats Pop-ups and Live Chat Solution for Weje

13Chats is constantly moving forward and our blog isn’t only about updates to our functionality. We are proud to present the results of our cooperation with, an online whiteboard service. Collaboration means the world to us, and we strive to see our service in action, as it helps us understand our downsides and features or improvements we suffered for a reason.

In this use case, we tested our pop-ups and a live chat solution together with and the results are presented below.

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Main goals and tasks of the user case

Client: Weje is an online whiteboard service for distributed teams that allows working together.

Product: The company offers digital whiteboards, online sticky notes, a brainstorming app, moodboard makers, mind map makers, and Kanban boards.

Weje’s landing page

Period: August 2021 — now. Weje had been testing our pop-ups and live chats before entering ProductHunt in September 2021.

Upon their launch there, they became the product of the day and the product of the week. To strike the iron while it’s hot, on the day of their release on Product Hunt, the guys from Weje decided to engage more visitors by installing a live chat.

Goals: Launching pop-ups was the priority in our cooperation in addition to a set of more detailed tech and marketing goals like:

  • increasing the number of leads;
  • boosting sales;
  • improving communication with customers;
  • removing routine tasks;
  • collecting feedback;
  • improving website efficiency.

Geography: worldwide

13Chats tools: pop-ups, live chat.

Implementation details

Prior to pairing with 13Chats, Weje didn’t use pop-ups at all. As for live chat, the company used a third-party solution. However, its mobile app wasn’t convenient — the chat’s script was too heavy, which slowed the website down and chats were uploaded way too slowly. Eventually, SEO also suffered, so the company started looking for other options. Weje had been testing our pop-ups and live chats before entering ProductHunt in September 2021. 

Since the service offers an option of a forever free plan, tempting visitors to use its paid plans was a must, and using pop-ups was one of the best ways to reach that goal. Catching midnight visitors and inviting them to sign up was also a goal of their pop-ups. In case visitors had questions, they also installed a live chat widget to stay in touch with users.

We activated these options in the primary settings of the project:

Basic settings of the project

We installed and launched a pop-up window that led to the sign-up page, provided the user was stuck on the pricing page. On the inside of the panel the pop-up settings and conditions look like this:

Project conditions

And this is the pop-up the users got to see:

The 13Chats pop-up on Weje’s pricing page

We also installed a live chat widget that automatically asks for the user’s email in case there is no response from the operator within one minute.

Widget chat settings

Results of cooperation

After having used the pop-up tool on the Weje website for the preset period, we were able to see the results.

The company launched a modal window on their first day on Product Hunt and managed to increase engagement by 10% with its help in 3 months’ time.

Pop-up stats

As for the website messages, we managed to boost the engagement by 104% by installing the most basic chat widget. Can you imagine the profit your support team might get if you work through a smart chatbot?

Live chat stats

Moreover, we asked the Weje team to leave their feedback, and here’s what we have for now.

According to the stats and reports from our team, we can conclude Weje got 40% more leads with pop-ups powered by 13Chats. Our sales increased as well with the help of pop-ups. Weje was able to reach clients outside business hours over our website chat helping us gain even more clients.

Yegor Okrepilov, Weje CTO

Final thoughts

The 13Chats team is thrilled to conclude the whole experience turned out to be a success — boosting the number of signups by 40% through pop-ups is quite something! We also traced the functionality we need to improve, and the client got a well-tried tool to keep its visitor on their website, gather feedback, and close more sales. 

We have realized we need to invest some time and effort into expanding the number of pop-up templates and customization options in pop-up windows. We continue cooperating with Weje, and the 13Chats team is considering trying Weje’s products as well! 😉

Want to try us out on your website? Feel free to contact us and test our tools. Never lose your leads, automate your customer support, and close more deals with 13Chats. Book a demo call with our CEO to learn about other cool features of our service and how to bundle them wisely! 

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