A Guide on Video Pop-Ups: How They Help to Enhance User Engagement on Your Website

A Guide on Video Pop-Ups: How They Help to Enhance User Engagement on Your Website

At present, video marketing is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses within any industry. Suppose you understand why use video and how to make the most of any video for your business. In that case, you can improve the online presence and significantly boost the website’s traffic. 

Today, we’ll talk about the easiest yet most popular time- and cost-effective method of employing videos for your business — video pop-ups. As a part of our discussion, you’ll uncover some great ideas for creating a marketing video online, how to make a pop-up video for your business, and also find out some impressive benefits of video marketing you can start benefiting from today.

Let’s get this started right away!

Why video marketing is important

Along with the increasing popularity of video content worldwide, it’s now being used not only just for entertainment. Video has already become an essential tool for business growth: you can use it for promotional campaigns, post video on social media, and various video marketing platforms. You can even create catchy video sidebar widgets that will help your audience learn your products or services better or figure out some benefits for the daily routine. 

Because of the incredibly high ROI of videos, about 85% of marketers already utilize videos in their promotion strategies. And, needless to say, these numbers will only increase in the future with the adoption of multiple video marketing tactics, including how-to videos, product guides, and, of course, video widgets

Still uncertain? Let’s learn more what are the advantages of marketing with online videos?

Adhering to customers’ expectations

According to the most recent research by Oberlo, nearly 54% of consumers prefer getting more videos from their favorite brands or businesses. Adhering to customers’ expectations would pay off as 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after reviewing a video providing more information about it. 

Keeping website visitors engaged

A popular platform Social Media Today has discovered that, on average, a viewer spends 88% more time on a website that employs professional videos for websites than on one that does not. Moreover, 72% of consumers prefer using video to uncover some more information about the product instead of reading the text in a user’s manual.

Boosting brand awareness

In keeping with the theme of search engine marketing and social media marketing, engaging videos on social media can also greatly benefit the overall brand’s awareness. For instance, according to Yum Yum Videos research, 48% of consumers said they had purchased after watching a brand’s video on Instagram, according to Yum Yum Videos research.

Sounds impressive, isn’t it? After you know some remarkable benefits of using video marketing, it’s the right time to get inspired by the most efficient tactics you can use to boost the business performance today!

Where do you make video pop-ups?

Of course with 13Chats! We offer multiple templates and display conditions to any liking so you will be able to choose the best options for your video marketing!

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Ideas for using video marketing in your business

At first, video online marketing may seem too expensive and challenging to conduct, which scares plenty of business owners and entrepreneurs. However, look at the major approaches usually embedded. You’ll find out that this type of marketing can be both time and cost-efficient, yet a long-standing practice used by many brands in different industries. 

So, how can you use videos for small businesses and large brands?

Video retargeting ads on social media

If used wisely, promotional videos for small businesses and large brands can help you to increase brand awareness and boost the conversions of your product or service. Video ads provide you a perfect chance to share the values and story of your brand on different platforms, from search engines to Facebook Messenger, your sites-partners, and other eCommerce platforms.

Why does that matter? Well, first of all, you can generate some more leads for your site, which is a core benefit of any modern marketing strategy. However, along with that, you’re able to add much more value compared to the competitors — by entertaining, inspiring, and engaging your target audience through visual storytelling. Unlike static images, video content enables cutting through the “noise” of social media platforms and focusing on your brand’s “heart” and authenticity. 

Here’s an example of a Facebook ad from the fruit & vegetable online store Jasper’s Market.

Example of video retargeting ads on social media. Source: Ideagirlmedia 

Landing page marketing videos

Instead of thousands of words, create a popup video in WordPress for your landing page. According to studies, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when seen in the video, whereas only 10% when read. With this information in mind, we simply cannot ignore such a brilliant idea of enhancing brand awareness while boosting the user experience on your business’s landing page. 

Wistia uncovered that 2-minute videos receive the most engagement, which doesn’t take too much time to produce and edit. Definitely seems great for trying!

ProjectScleroderma, which aims to raise awareness about scleroderma, placed video content on the landing page to better convey its mission.

Example of marketing video on a landing page. Source: Newpaceproductions 

Email videos

To make a customer experience more personalized, you can always start implementing the videos into the email newsletters for your customers. With nearly two-thirds of consumers preferring videos over text, this becomes an effective way of boosting the CTR of your email campaigns while introducing some more insights about the products or services, as well as the brand itself. 

Email videos are an excellent tool for sharing various information with your subscribers: from how-to guides and product intros to special deals and attractive events.

Here’s how video can be intuitively incorporated into the newsletter to illustrate the message better.

Example of video content in an email from Mario Batali 

Video pop-ups

It’s time to introduce another effective way to interact with your audience directly on a website – video popups. Along with featuring all the benefits of video advertising, they are usually used for: 

  • Introducing the major brand concepts and why they matter
  • Presenting each product or service offered by a brand
  • Providing the essential benefits of each product or service, including how it can help your customers to resolve an issue
  • Offering various how-to guides, as well as the product manuals
  • Highlighting the customer feedback and answering on the FAQs and many more

In fact, if you’ve already shared some content in search engines or social media, there’s never been a better time to make up your first YouTube video popup. By the way, if you’re looking at how to get people to watch your YouTube videos, that can be a thing!

See how video pop-up helps visitors discover more details about your business and make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Example of video pop-up. Source: Vipshops3 

Creating pop-ups that boost user engagement: 8 ideas

Before we’ll talk about how to create a WordPress popup video, here is a brief inspiration list on various ideas that may encourage visitors to, for instance, open a YouTube video in a popup and even convert after its browsing. 

  1. Display YouTube marketing videos to enlarge the audience and reduce time on a popup video content creation.
  2. Make up comprehensive video guides with helpful tips and how-tos for each product individually.
  3. Include various customer testimonials to your video pop-ups to gain more trust and improve the brand authority of your potential customers.
  4. Offer video presentations to the new products or services launched to get more people updated about the latest arrivals and encourage them to give those a first try. 
  5. Provide the demos showing the basic features of your products or services, showing how they can help resolve a specific problem and why they are better than the ones offered by competitors. 
  6. Present a list of informative expert Q&As on a specific topic to answer users’ essential questions before making their purchase decision or after they’ve started using a product or service your business offers. 
  7. Create video infographics to make up some more compelling facts on why people should start using your products or services, showing more information in numbers, thus encouraging them to convert.
  8. Holiday videos and special deals are never out of fashion, can significantly improve your video marketing campaign, yet can be used for inbound and direct marketing strategies. 

Having got so many ideas for using video marketing in your small business or a well-known brand, let’s now see how you can quickly implement those into your business and get the benefits from day one. Without any doubt, video pop-ups are the easiest yet most effective ones. 

How to make a pop-up video with 13Chats

As you can see, pop-ups still convert, so there’s never been a better time to use pop-ups for video marketing. Here, we’ll introduce a quick guide to one of the most popular video pop-up and chatbot creation tools – 13Chats. It is a straightforward, convenient yet feature-rich builder for first-class user engagement and customer interaction. 

To easily create a popup video in WordPress or any other website builder, complete the following steps: 

#1 Create a free account on 13Chats

To start implementing YouTube marketing videos, as well as any other dynamic materials to your website via 13Chats video popups, you should create a free account first. So, once you’ve landed on https://13chats.com/, click the “Get Started Now” or else “Sign Up” button to complete a quick yet straightforward registration process. 

To make the registration process even more convenient for their users, 13Chats also has quick sign-up options with Google, Apple, and Facebook accounts, so you can easily register within three clicks only. 

Sign-up and log-in page on 13Chats

#2 Create your first project

Next, once you’ve signed in, you’ll be offered to create a new project (or, choose the ones you’ve already started working on). 

After that, enter the project name, for instance, “My Video Pop Up Project” or any other name you’d like, and specify all project settings.

Create a new project on 13Chats or edit the exciting one

#3 Click on “Add pop-up or widgets” 

Once you click the button “Add pop-ups or widgets,” you will see a variety of pop-up templates available on 13Chats. You need to choose the template for video pop-ups and select the design you like the most. 

Click on the “Add video pop-up” button

#4 Choose the template for your video pop-up

Choose the design of your video pop-up from the library of templates on 13Chats.

#5 Configure the pop-up settings and add the video

Now you need to specify the following settings of your video pop-up:

  • Add a name of your video pop-up
  • Add a link to the YouTube video
  • Choose the video format
  • Choose the position in which your pop-up will be displayed
  • Choose between autoplay and on click playback mode
  • Add the “Call to action” button if needed and specify its text

After adjusting everything, click “Next” and choose “Save and publish.”

Make sure to configure the settings of your pop-up

#6 Test and post a pop-up video on your site 

Now you can find the pop-up created in the “Video pop-up” section under “Website Messages.”

Copy-paste the code of your finalized video popup, and we’re done! Now your visitors can open YouTube video in popup WordPress and consume the most catching yet useful insights about your product or service. At the same time, you can start tracking the popup performance directly from the 13Chats console. Conveniently, isn’t it? 

Finally, by getting interactive, up-to-date information about the video pop-up performance, you can start improving the video marketing strategy that fits your business the most!

Preview the pop-up created and add it to your website

This is our video pop-up triggered by the conditions “Time on site” and “Time on current page.”

Final words

As you can see, there are so many benefits of video marketing for small businesses and large brands you can make use of today! If you’re looking for the most time and cost-efficient video marketing tool you can start earning from today, then video pop-ups can be a thing!

It takes less than an hour to create an eye-catching popup video for WordPress, but in fact, it can significantly boost customer conversion and enhance your audience engagement since day one. Moreover, 13Chats allows you to conveniently create embedded YouTube video popup for nearly any site, including WordPress, Shopify, and many more.

Already have a creative video idea for your business? 13Chats is always here to help you implement it into your marketing strategy.

Register with 13Chats to start creating your best video popup!


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