8 Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Website

8 Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Website

We’re living in an era when users leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. How crazy is that? And even if you’ve passed the loading speed test and have the users wandering around your website — it’s still too early to uncork your champagne. Even while on your website, 77% of prospects won’t purchase if there’s no live chat there. Typically, these are users who aren’t into phone calls and prefer texting.

It’s a safe bet that’s not what you want for your business, and you aren’t up for watching prospects leave. Read on and find out why live chat services benefit the customer and start improving your online sales.

Apart from a live chat…

… there are some other tricks to fuel up your communication with your website visitors!

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What is a live chat?

Live chat is a technology that provides real-time communication with website users. It usually looks like a standard messaging window and pops up in the bottom right corner once the user enters a website. Alternatively, it remains folded so that users can initiate the conversation only if they need to.

A live chat widget button is usually inserted through a custom code on particular pages of a website. You can add some personal touches to tailor the communication to your needs and tone of voice and incorporate it into upselling, testing, resource sharing, etc. 

If you’re still willing to set up a live chat only to satisfy the 77% mentioned earlier, let us unveil a couple more reasons why live chats are important for your business. 

Reasons why you need to implement live chat

24/7 support

You never know when your prospect might visit your website — at dawn, at noon, or at midnight. At the same time, you might have enough support team members to cover all shifts. A live chat comes in handy if users need help while your support team is out of reach. 

With 13Chats, you can set up standard replies and avoid leaving out chats at any time of day. In this case, live chat implementation can provide a helpful link to your knowledge base and inform the support team they should get back to essential inquiries ASAP. 

13Chats enables you to create an automatic scenario requesting the user’s phone number or email if your operators are busy or the users are contacting you within your working hours. This way your operators will be able to process requests, and you won’t lose your precious prospects.

A live chat service keeps people on your website

Remember we told you users leave the website if it doesn’t load within seconds? Well, live chats also catch some hell. 37% of users of various ages give up a service or a product if the live chat is slow. Eyerollingly sad, but true.

Another advantage of a live chat lies in its power to close user requests within two minutes, leaving your prospects satisfied and willing to continue browsing.

A better standard of service

Since chatbot messaging is automated, it’s easier to cultivate a stable standard of communication and keep your service level sky-high. Your support team might get tired, angry, or inattentive, but your chatbot doesn’t care and doesn’t understand exhaustion. 

It will keep producing answers on and on, outperforming an operator who might get bored. Moreover, live chat managers will need some time to find answers and figure out which options to suggest. A chatbot, in turn, knows everything in advance. Moreover, chatbots relieve agents’ routine, and they are able to concentrate on more important tasks or chats, speeding up your service.

Improved customer experience

52% of users agree they tend to be more loyal to a company if it provides live chat support. Seriously?! Just as easy as that? Actually, the stats are not surprising. The users get served quickly, learn product specifications, compare the products and find certain goods. That’s why live chat is important for your brand.  

Lego, for example, does a wonderful job relieving the stress of choice by offering various solutions to any taste and budget. Why not remain loyal? If I were a Lego fan, I would be pleased with such great service. 😛

Live chat services provide you with insight into customer needs

A live chat might not always be your stepping stone in sales. BUT! It can help you detect what to sell and which business way to turn. As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade 😉  Analyze unresolved user requests and ponder how to turn them into opportunities for your business to blossom.

The value and returns from a live chat service are attractive

When your prospects get what they came for, they’re more likely to buy. According to Forrester, businesses see a 48% revenue increase per chat hour when adding a live chat to their website. To say more, live chats can save you a couple of pennies by both reducing expenses on support team salaries and replacing humans with a chatbot to resolve basic issues via live chat.

With 13Chats, you can set up a scenario based on the visiting activity on a certain page or section and engage your visitors with the more personalized the CTAs in your chat widget.

You can generate leads through the use of a live chat service

This sums up pretty much everything stated before. Once you prepare your chat to go live when you’re offline, set up the chatbot’s train of triggers, and automate the processes wisely, your prospects will just say thank you. Moreover, your happy clients might share their positive experience within their communication circle, which, by the way, happens in 29% of cases.

This way, you’re close to getting brand advocates, generate awareness, and create a loyal audience.

In-depth reports

Almost every chatbot platform offers a variety of options to help you monitor your live chat performance. You can keep track of ignored requests, see where your chat is performing poorly, or vice versa, see the A-level performance and connect the dots on your improvement.

13Chats, for example, provides quick ways to find stats connected with your website activities, flows, or subscribers. Choose your timing and get ready to analyze your chatbot’s effectiveness.

This way, you will be able to detect the website traffic and conversion peaks. You will also be able to easily trace the traffic source, how many leads communicate in the chat, and how many switch to your messenger chatbot.

So here they are — the main reasons for having a live chat on your website. Now let’s see how to install one with 13Chats, shall we?

How to install a live chat with 13Chats

Register for 13Chats to create your project. After giving it a name, click “Create project.”

Now connect your 13Chats account to your Facebook page. The page must be public and have you as an administrator. Choose basic appearance settings and click “Continue.”

By doing so, you connect your chatbot with your business from your website right to your Facebook business page. Your chatbot users will see your Facebook integration right in the widget, and you will be able to continue communication on Facebook if necessary.

You will see a window asking you to log into your Facebook account. Do so and choose the business page you want to link with 13Chats. Then, click “Yes” on all the necessary permissions. When you’re done, you’re all set to customize your widget: its appearance, default message, and default behavior.

You are ready to create your chatbot workflow! You can edit and customize welcome, standard, and unsubscribe flows in the “Messenger Chatbot” menu as well as create your own.

Create triggers to adjust your chatbot to user inquiries and make it less of a bot and more of a chat. You will be able to add some keywords to start a flow or create one with it. You can edit or delete triggers anytime.

Start building your chatbot flow by connecting and editing the four blocks and multiple elements in the builder.

Connect the flows you’ve created so that the user will travel between them while communicating with your chatbot.

Manage the flows, add new triggers, check the stats of your chatbot, and bring in any edits in the “edit trigger” section.

That’s it! You’re all set to get down to creating your chatbot and improving your business. Connect it with your live chat and see how they work together. Get creative. Good luck with your experiments 🙂

Final thoughts

Without further ado, hurry to install your live chat and check how much we’ve been right going all out about the benefits of live chat. They help you with customer service, purchase management, support, spreading the word about your company, and, last but not least — generating quality leads. 

Book a demo, and our marketer Nick will walk you through 13Chats coolest features and reasons to integrate a live chat into your business:) Happy chatbotting!


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