6 Best Ways to Increase Conversion with Live Chats in the eCommerce Business

6 Best Ways to Increase Conversion with Live Chats in the eCommerce Business

It is essential that your business is constantly updated with new trends. Consumer habits have changed, especially in the e-commerce world. From this point of view, there should be new ways to generate more sales on your e-commerce site.

Your previous methods may have worked at some point, but over time the same old strategies may become obsolete. If you’re having trouble finding new ways to get more customers and increase sales, read on for some tips to increase conversion on your website through a live chat.


What is eCommerce conversion with live chat?

Live chat is defined as an online chat program on the website, allowing users to chat directly with people right on the website interface. Business websites with live chat integration manage to boost conversion in eCommerce. Besides, businesses can quickly support and take care of customers in a timely manner. Customers also easily communicate and get a response sooner.

Live chat example by 13Chats

Driving sales with live chat eCommerce conversion

When you access a website interface, you immediately encounter a chat message window. Here you are able to post questions in that small window.

A live chat window on the New Balance website

When a visitor asks a question, a quick notification is sent to the website server asking for a response. Even if the manager is not online, you can request an email or phone number in the online chat and contact the user as soon as possible.

You can customize a live chat window to appear by events when a customer is scrolling for a long time or can’t decide between the products. This makes the tool not to be intrusive and will be effective at the same time. From there, you can send your questions and concerns and get answers and support right in that message window. 

Usually, you will receive an automatic invitation before being connected to a support agent through a few questions such as: “Do you need a support team?”, “Hello, do you need our help?” Evidently, using live chat for eCommerce conversions will lead to more sales.

Starting out with a default message on 13Chats

The benefits of live chat for eCommerce stores

Here are a couple of reasons why live chats are a must for your business. With a live chat you can:

Minimize costs

Traditional phone support services are chosen by many businesses. However, it is very expensive both in terms of calling costs and labor costs. The cost of using live chat is not too expensive compared to a professional email service and much cheaper than phone support. Many studies show that a live chat interaction is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call. As mentioned above, businesses use eCommerce live chat to boost conversion. This is mainly because each phone call can only support one customer, while live chat allows to handle many chats at the same time, thereby helping companies save a large amount of money.

Increase profits or sales

According to Forbes, live chat boasts one of the highest customer satisfaction rates — 83%. Customers who use live chat are 3 times more likely to purchase than customers who do not. As we can see from these numbers, live chat is effective for attracting leads and increasing sales.

There might be hidden discounts that customers are not aware of, 13Chats live chat algorithm helps the chat manager to contact a potential buyer on the site and offer him a deal that he is unlikely to refuse.

Communication with the buyer through live chat by 13Chats

Improve customer service and customer loyalty

Customers always feel more confident working with companies whose support is easy, hassle-free, and immediate. Boosting eCommerce conversion with a live chat allows you to respond quickly, resolve issues faster, and assure your customers that you are available to help when needed. This is a simple yet very effective formula for improving customer support and loyalty.

13Chats is a versatile tool that helps you capture leads, engage users, and increase customer conversion rates. This is not just a live chat support software. This app can be used as an onboarding tool, support assistant, lead finder, marketing automation, and user engagement software.

If you are just looking for live chat software, then you may not be using the full potential of automation marketing tools. On the other hand, if you want your live chat support software to do all these tasks, then you’ll love 13Chats.

Support for faster problem solving

Documentation and how-to articles are the most common way to support and help customers solve problems. However, if you have too many documents and tutorials, it may be difficult for customers to find and use them.

What is the effect of live chat eCommerce conversion, it is immediately apparent that staff can “push” help links or documents quickly through the chat window. Therefore, instead of guiding the user step-by-step from finding the right document to solving the problem, support can directly link the visitor to the appropriate document or content.

Assistant’s quick reply with links through 13 chats chat window

With this feature, businesses can save a huge amount of time in helping to resolve issues that customers may face.

No waiting time, no complicated procedures. Access the chat window and ask questions when you have any questions. Basically, by adding eCommerce live chat to increase conversion, live chat also offers a variety of self-service support options that allow businesses to support their customers 24/7 even without direct support from a support staff. Therefore, customer’s questions will always be answered immediately and will not be suspended.

Create an advantage over your competitors

Live chat is becoming more and more popular and there is no denying its importance to your business. However, a recent study found that out of 1,000 websites surveyed, only 9% of them used live chat.

This means that if you choose to install live chat software on your website(s) you will have an edge over your competition in terms of access to instant and friendly support. You’ll also have more opportunities to proactively engage your website visitors and generate more revenue, attracting customers before your competition.

Think about this: if you were a customer trying to decide between two products quickly, would you call, email support to get your questions answered, or would you rather ask directly on the company website?

Live chat assisting with decision making

Expand the reach of the target market

While the internet helps you expand your reach beyond your current area, having a website doesn’t mean visitors will feel comfortable ordering on it. However, if your website adds live chat functionality, even remote customers can contact you immediately and ask questions or make purchase arrangements. This demonstrates that live chat will boost conversion in eCommerce. This includes international customers who may not be able to reach your company by phone due to expensive international calling rates.

If you don’t already have a dedicated customer support tool, using the 13Chats suite can make things easy as it offers a complete marketing package with CRM, SMS and email marketing, landing pages,  and more. This powerful set of tools helps you increase the conversion rate of visitors into customers who agree to buy.

Use a proactive approach

Live chat allows visitors to reach your business support instantly. However, it is the proactive approach that live chat brings that makes your business website truly powerful and different.

Instead of letting the customer initiate the conversation, you can be proactive in approaching the customer first with a few questions like “Hi, I’m an online assistant. Is there anything you need help with?” or “Do you need online support?”.  A few proactive questions like these will make the customer feel welcome and the website more user-friendly.

Report and analyze data in live chat

Access to live chat data allows you to see how many visitors your site(s) receive, how many chat requests are accepted or ignored, and how these chats are performing. Moreover, there are many other visitor metrics that can help you better implement marketing strategies to drive more traffic.

Project statistics by 13Chats

Now we will supply you with some tips on the way to your e-commerce success through a live chat.

6 best ways to increase conversion in eCommerce business

1. Be empathetic

Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If they are complaining, frustrated because there is a problem with the website or an item is out of stock, don’t be annoyed or ignore the customer. Try to find out the problems and find ways to deal with them.

2. Use positive language

When answering customers, avoid using negative words such as “no” or “don’t know”. For example, a customer is searching for a product but it’s out of stock. Instead of answering

  • “We don’t have this item and won’t be available for the next 2 weeks until the next restock”.

say this:

  • “This product will be available within 2 weeks. I can pre-order it for you and make sure it arrives as soon as possible when it’s in stock”.

Mastering the art of speaking in a positive language takes time. Provide your staff with relevant training and encourage them to proofread their answers before hitting submit, not only to identify typos but also to ensure that the wording used is appropriate and positive

3. If not clear, ask the customer a question

Live chat is a person-to-person interaction. Therefore, it is acceptable not to understand a certain question of a customer. If this is the case, instead of hiding, ask questions to clarify what the customer is asking or what they want. This can prevent bigger problems later when they don’t get what they want or are expecting.

4. Don’t handle too many chats at once

Although the ability to support many customers at the same time is the outstanding strength of live chat compared to other support tools. However, after a certain conversation, the level of service the company provides to its customers will decrease and the likelihood of employees making mistakes will increase.

The general rule is a maximum of 4 chats at a time. However, the complexity of each conversation, the speed at which customers respond, and the skill level of the staff will all affect the quantity and quality of each conversation. Therefore, always be in balance. Don’t neglect quality for the sake of quantity. 

13Chats allow you to delegate chats between employees, assign roles, and leave notes for other managers so that they can get into the new chat faster.

An option to delegate chats responsibilities between the team through 13Chats

5. Be honest

If you need time to learn something, tell the customer. Don’t let them wait without knowing what’s going on.

While customers may not want to wait for a response, they will feel much more positive about an issue the company spends a lot of time researching.

6. Don’t end the conversation too soon

Before ending a conversation with a customer, what are the two things to always ensure when using a live chat?

  • Customers are satisfied with the results
  • The customer doesn’t have any more questions

Employees always want to end the conversation as quickly as possible, but that’s a big mistake. If customers feel that their questions are not being resolved satisfactorily, they will leave your business and look for other options.

Final Thoughts

So here is the most basic knowledge about the live chat etiquette that you should know. Does live chat increase conversion in eCommerce? From the concept of what is live chat, how it works, what are the benefits of live chat and the notes when using live chat to bring the best effect to the website.

Take into consideration 13Chats features to adapt the strategy that suits your business. Book a demo, and our marketer Nick will walk you through 13Chats coolest features and reasons to integrate a live chat into your business! Don’t forget to sign up and start advancing your business today!

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