13Chats is a fully-featured alternative to Carrot quest

13Chats is a fully-featured alternative to Carrot quest

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to Carrot quest tools, we recommend you to pay attention to 13Chats. Advanced online chat capabilities, Facebook chatbot integration, and a large free plan help solve problems for small and medium-sized businesses.

13Chats is focused on the same tasks as the Carrot quest: increasing sales, converting website visitors to leads through communication, and increasing the productivity of support teams.

The alternative is designed for marketers, sales representatives, and support teams who value:

  • the opportunity to use a free plan forever;
  • an effective bundle of tools (online chats, automatic messages, and chatbots) without the need to understand functions that are irrelevant at the beginning;
  • an easy way to get started with free consultations and demo service.

Let’s study the criteria for comparing analog programs and analyze the capabilities of Carrot quest and 13Chats to make the choice between these two alternatives with similar functions easier for you.

Selection criteria

We recommend taking a comprehensive approach to assessing alternatives and taking into account the following criteria:

  • speed and ease of implementation: is there a free demo and consultation, knowledge base, or free access;
  • stability of the service;
  • frequency of new features and improvements releases to existing ones;
  • English-speaking support availability;
  • functionality required for your project, and the willingness of developers to supplement the service with new features at user’s request;
  • convenience of the interface and panels for operators;
  • teamwork opportunities;
  • depth of statistics and analytics;
  • availability of integration with third-party services;
  • cost.

Carrot quest or 13Chats?

Carrot quest is a multi-service marketing automation for eCommerce, grocery companies, and the service industry. The functions are designed for medium and large businesses that need to organize round-the-clock support for a large number of users, increase sales, and reduce routine tasks.

13Chats is a platform for sales and supporting online users via an online chat link with a built-in Facebook Messenger chatbot. This is a solution for small and medium-sized businesses, whose clients actively use Facebook and are ready to communicate with the company not only on the website, but also on social networks.

The mix of tools includes:

  • adaptive online chat for your website, the behavior of which can be customized in accordance with the marketing strategy, and the layout — with your brand’s style;
  • 22 scripts for action or behavior that start a proactive dialogue with the website visitor, engage in communication, and improve lead generation;
  • chatbot that makes it convenient to process similar questions, remove objections, collect leads, and even sell;
  • tools for tracking user actions and the ability to start a dialogue with them;
  • generous opportunities for teamwork and analysts.

Comparative table of alternatives

 Carrot quest13Chats
Timely English-speaking support++
Ability to customize a widget color palette and behavior++
Automatic messages by action or by behavior++
Lead-botpaid separately
Integration with messengersFacebook (WhatsApp and Telegram in development)
Triggered emailspaid separately
Variables in the chatbot for communication personalization+
Auto-saved chats in case of disconnection+
Detailed information about visitors++
Detailed information about activity on the website++
Statistics and analyticspaid separately+
Quick replies++
Integration with CRM+additional variables and custom events for more comfortable communication with clients
API, webhooks+/+-/+
Costfrom $11/month*$13/month for 13 operators at standard rate
Free version14 day trial periodForever for 5 operators

* for basic online chat and automation capabilities.

** Additional modules: lead bot, letter constructor, analytics, detailed knowledge base creation, etc. paid separately for each module


To choose between two alternatives to increase sales and support, we recommend that you study the comparative table of analog services. Test them, and then make your decision. Consider the functionality, cost and, subjective usability of the service.

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