13Chats — a more functional alternative to Crisp

13Chats — a more functional alternative to Crisp

We know how difficult it is to find the best alternative service for customer support. At first glance, it seems like all of the platforms for communicating with customers are the same but there is more to the story!

13Chats is a lighter, faster, and more functional alternative to Crisp. It is tooled for full implementation of messenger marketing for small companies.

13Chats can be useful when:

  • you are looking for an alternative chat service with a detailed knowledge base and caring English-speaking support that will help you solve an issue — even over the weekend;
  • you want to fully test online chat, chatbots, and scripts for sending automatic messages on a free plan;
  • you need a dynamic alternative service, whose employees receive and implement customer requests, add new features and services.

Let’s see what criteria are used to compare chat alternatives. and which chat platform is more relevant for your business.

Selection criteria

If you’re looking for a service similar to Crisp, pay attention to more than just cost and features. When choosing a platform for communicating with customers online, consider the following:

  • service stability, the availability and speed of responses of the English-speaking support service;
  • speed of implementation, clarity of the interface and applications for operators;
  • the ability to create a chatbot;
  • a list of supported messengers;
  • teamwork opportunities: quick replies, shared chats, and web push notifications with sound;
  • availability of detailed statistics and analytics;
  • integration with third-party services;
  • restrictions on tariff plans;
  • convenience of payment.

13Chats or Crisp?

Crisp is a customer messaging platform. The service is focused on combining messages from different channels into a single interface.

Now you can integrate Crisp with:

  • messages from an online chat on your website;
  • email;
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Twilio (SMS);
  • Line.

The platform also offers its own CRM system for small business, the ability to create a knowledge base for customers, a plugin for creating Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Line chatbots.

The functionality is reduced in the free version: only online chat, accounts for 2 operators, and notifications about new messages are available.

13Chats is a platform for creating smart widgets based on visitor’s actions or behavior, online chats for your website and Facebook chatbots. It is an easier and quickly developing complete alternative to Crisp.

The service is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that need to test new tools to increase sales and improve support efficiency quickly and free of charge.

All functions of the analog service are available in a large free plan:

  • online chat for your website designed in the corporate colors of your company;
  • 22 variants of inviting scenarios depending on the actions or behavior of users;
  • Facebook chatbot with the option to send text, files, pictures, take pauses, and much more;
  • detailed statistics and analytics;
  • the ability to start a chat with online users and track their activity on your website;
  • saved replies, chat notes, transferring chats between team members, replies to all messages in one panel;
  • transfer of additional variables to identify users and user events, etc.

Comparative table of alternatives

English-speaking support 24/7++
Widget look configurationin PRO pricing plan+
Scripts by action or by behaviorin PRO pricing plan+
Chatbotin Unlimited pricing plan+
Integration with messengersFacebook, Telegram, Line, TwitterFacebook (WhatsApp and Telegram in development)
Variables for personalizing chatbot communication++
Auto-saved chats in case of disconnection+
Detailed information about visitors++
Detailed information about activity on the websitein Unlimited pricing plan+
Statistics and analyticsin PRO pricing plan+
Quick repliesin Unlimited pricing plan+
Integration with CRMin Unlimited pricing planAdditional variables and custom events for more comfortable communication with clients
API, webhooks+/+-/+
Costfrom $25/month for 4 operators$13/month for 13 operators at our standard rate
Free versionForever for 2 operatorsForever for 5 operators


We recommend choosing a service based on your needs, the cost of your plan, and convenience of the interface.

Test alternative services before making your choice: install a free online customer service chat on your website, set up scripts, create a Facebook chatbot, experience how convenient it is to communicate with website visitors — and then make your choice.

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