13Chats — an alternative to HelpCrunch

13Chats — an alternative to HelpCrunch

Are you looking for the best alternative for online sales and customer support? Would you like to try to make a functional chatbot in a few evenings and combine it with an online chat on your website to gather your visitors’ contact information? All these features and more are available with 13Chats, an improved alternative to HelpCrunch.

An alternative service was developed taking into account the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses:

  • a large free plan without restrictions, so that you can fully test all the functions of the platform or use it forever if the traffic on your website is small;
  • the price is 2-3 times lower than a similar HelpCrunch plan;
  • a mix of complementary tools that increase website conversions and facilitate the work of support teams.

This article describes the differences between 13Chats and HelpCrunch, what criteria to use to compare them, and which one to choose for your business.

Selection criteria

To make the right choice between two similar programs, pay attention to:

  • an option to get a free demo, English support, and free consultation seven days a week;
  • availability of a detailed knowledge base that will facilitate implementation;
  • clear interface;
  • availability of necessary functions: online chat for the website, chatbot, and automatic engaging messages that appear based on user action or behavior;
  • a list of supported messengers;
  • ample opportunities for teamwork;
  • detailed statistics and analytics;
  • integration with third-party services;
  • platform stability;
  • availability of a free plan and its functionality;
  • cost.

HelpCrunch or 13Chats?

HelpCrunch is a platform for increasing online sales, built around an online chat. Additionally, you can organize a knowledge base, configure sending auto messages, and create pop-up windows. The premium package includes triggered emails too.

13Chats is more than an online chat. The alternative is focused on being a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses’ problems.

In a single service it has the following:

  • live chat with the ability to customize the design in accordance with corporate colors;
  • smart widgets that send engaging automated messages across 22 scenarios;
  • Facebook chatbot with the ability to create segmented auto-campaigns according to the subscriber base;
  • the ability to track online users and start a proactive dialogue;
  • ample opportunities for teamwork: chat notes, quick replies, transferring a chat to another employee, and analyzing the activity of the lead or customer.

13Chats is expanding to meet business requirements: a mobile application is under development for convenient work from a smartphone, Telegram, and WhatsApp chatbots.

Comparative table of alternatives

Timely English-speaking support++
Option to customize a widget color palette++
Automatic messages by action or by behavior++
Integration with messengersFacebook (WhatsApp and Telegram in development)
Triggered emails+
Variables in the chatbot for communication personalization+
Auto-saved chats in case of disconnection+
Detailed information about visitors++
Detailed information about activity on the website++
Statistics and analytics++
Quick replies and transmission of dialogues to operators++
Integration with CRM+Additional variables and custom events for more comfortable communication with clients
API, webhooks+/+-/+
Costfrom $12/month per team member billed annually$13/month for 13 operators at standard rate
Free version14 day trial periodForever for 5 operators


We recommend that you choose a platform for communicating with clients after testing alternatives.

Try 13Chats, an improved version of HelpCrunch. Register with the service, set up online chat and scripts, and create a Facebook chatbot. Experience the convenience of communicating with customers, the depth of analytics, growth of conversions — and only then should you make your decision.

A large free plan for 5 operators from 13Chats gives you enough legroom to test the service.

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