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3 minute overview of 13chats

Convert visitors into prospects through a chat widget for your website

Standard live chats lose the data after the prospect closes the chat or leaves the website. This means that valuable in-app information that benefits both your brand and your prospects is gone.

13chats, provides a chat widget for your website which helps you save access to the data from every chat.

Analyze customer behavior to improve your e-commerce results.

Mobile application for communicating with clients

Instantly respond to requests in an online chat and Messenger. Don't lose orders while running errands or drinking coffee.

Create your own chat widget based on visitor actions on the website

Start a dialogue to catch prospects’ eyes by offering the most suitable deal

Offer customer support to the users who have spent over a minute at the checkout page or come up with an additional offer to users who want to leave the website and make them stay.

Automated in-app scripts will kick in once the triggered event occurs.

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Provide customer support through the live chat widget

Keep track of the client’s chat history with managers, website pages they have visited and which products drew their attention using our chat widget for your website.

This way you will get involved in the dialogue as quickly as possible and without a further ado help the visitor make a choice, close an order or make a sale.

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Set up and launch a simple Facebook chatbot in 5 minutes

Use a handy and free visual chatbot constructor to create automated replies to FAQ.

Facebook chatbot widget will tell more about the company, show a catalogue of products and reply to users’ FAQ with automated keyword responses.

The manager will need to join the live chat only to provide customer support or if the e-commerce deal is about to close.

Create a chatbot

Invite the user to continue chatting on Facebook Messenger

Increase your website engagement and sales by combining a live chat widget and Facebook Messenger. These tools work efficiently together for e-commerce, SaaS, HoReCa.

The visitors will be able to send their questions during non-working hours. But you won’t lose touch with a prospect and provide a detailed answer once you are online.

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Advanced inbox

All customer information in one service

Engage in dialogue, analyze user behavior and respond to customer messages from the live chat widget and Facebook messenger — all in one panel.


Flexible team collaboration options

Distribute chats between the operators of your team. Use automated answers to quickly respond to the most frequently asked questions.

Audience managment

Elevated number of repeated purchases

Enjoy the entire in-app toolbox of 13chats service and add some personal touch while leading the customers through the sales funnel.

Enhance your workflow with 13chats

Creating your own chat widget and working with clients has never been easier

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