Automated Messenger Marketing

Behavior-based messenger subscription widgets. Automated customer outreach with chatbots. More leads. Less work.

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Convert visitors into prospects

Typical in-app chats lose information about the prospects after they stop the dialogue and leave the website. When you iniciate the dialogue in messenger, you get a communicational channel with a prospect. With 13chats you will access the data on the actions the users performed.

Behavior-based website widgets

Start a conversation with the visitors after they complete targeted actions. The user is stuck at the checkout page? It's high time you texted them. And yes, you can create various welcome messages based on the conditions.

Automated chatbot flows

Build an automated chatbot with an easy to use drag and drop builder for different conversation scenarios. Сreate a message flow including text, cards, images, emojis, and buttons.

Keyword Autoreply

Set up a trigger that automatically responds to a specific keyword. 
Let the bot answer the most frequently asked questions. Give customers instant and accurate answers 24/7, even when your team is busy.

Bulk notifications and popups

Inform your customers about product updates or re-engage inactive users through messenger. Subscribed users will receive your campaign in messenger and the visitors of your website will see it as a notification or a pop-up message.

Advanced inbox

Use the same account to answer users’ requests coming both from the website and messenger. Keep track of the information about the customers or their most popular questions.


13chats is a tool created for teamwork. Assign dialogues to colleagues, manage subscribers' lists and create new chatbot flows altogether.

Audience managment

Analyze the interests of your audience using detailed statistics of users’ interactions with the chatbot. Choose users to keep communicating with and users to unsubscribe from your campaigns.

Enhance your workflow with the integration of chatbot into your business

Creating a chatbot and working with clients has never been easier.