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You have access to over 30 pop-up templates and a live chat together with Messenger

Usual live chats don’t store the prospect’s info once they close the chat window or leave the website.

Use 13Chats to learn about the source from which the visitor came, analyze their behavior at the website, and offer to keep on chatting in Messenger to always stay in touch.

Test various engagement hypotheses and improve the sales funnel using a live chat, Facebook chatbot, and pop-ups on your website.

Mobile application for communicating with clients

Instantly respond to online chat and Messenger requests on the go. Don't lose orders while running errands or drinking coffee.

Drive more sales with behavior-triggered Smart Widgets

Set up action-based chat triggers to spark personalized conversations with prospects in different stages of their customer journey.

For instance, to slash cart abandonment, set up proactive chat triggers. That way, you can reach out to customers lingering for more than a minute on the checkout page.  

Offer them your assistance or a discount code to nudge them to make a purchase.

Drive more sales

Make customer support seamless with live chats

Live chats help you gain actionable customer data including customer on-site behavior patterns, and previous chat sessions..

With this info at your fingertips, you can pick up conversations with your customers from where they left off, market smarter, and close more sales..

Provide first-class support

Build a Facebook chatbot in minutes — zero coding skills required

Use a drag-and-drop builder to create a tireless chatbot assistant in just a few minutes. Get more done by doing less.

Let the chatbot tell customers about your company and products while automating answers to repetitive questions. It will ease the burden on human support agents and give them more breathing room to deal with complex issues.

Build a chatbot

Engage customers in conversations on Facebook Messenger

Integrate live chat with Facebook Messenger to meet your customers where they socialize most, handle off-hour support, and boost sales and engagement on your website.

This integration gives your customers a chance to reach out to you during off-hours through Facebook Messenger. You can capture customer info and give a detailed reply once you’re back online.

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Advanced inbox

Keep it all in one place

Use 13Chats’ unified workspace to get a deeper understanding of your visitors’ on-site behavior and turn these insights into personalized communication through live chats and Facebook Messenger.


Streamline teamwork

Distribute chats evenly and route tickets to the best agents to handle them. Create canned responses to make support lightning-fast and free up your team for more strategic work.

Audience managment

Drive more repeat sales

Make the most of 13Chats’ powerful tools to connect with every customer on a personal level, build winning sales pipelines, and turn one-off customers into loyal brand advocates.

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